Relaxed travel in your own private bubble

The health crisis has altered our approach to overseas travel, bringing to the fore a bespoke but laid-back experience, as embraced by The Unusual Tourist

Gone are the days of standardised, pre-designed package tours. With over-crowded locations, last-minute, multiple-destination group tours, and non-sustainable tourism. In its place is quality before quantity, responsible tourism, higher standards of service, and a more discerning clientele.

Travellers are becoming more selective about where they go, what they do, and with whom. Destinations that allow for longer stays in a choice location are taking priority. Curated journeys, with reliable travel companies that respect the environment, support local communities and adhere to health and safety standards are taking centre stage. 

At your own pace

For Italy, the to-go-to travel company is The Unusual Tourist. Catering exclusively to small groups of friends and families, they design slow travel experiences keeping the safety of your private bubble in mind. 

After a detailed consultation, and getting a thorough understanding of your group’s interests and requirements, The Unusual Tourist use their valuable insider knowledge to meticulously customise a personalised itinerary. And they also ensure that your bubble doesn’t burst. 

Upon arrival in Italy, your private chauffeur will escort you to a hand-picked hotel, villa or apartment that strictly adheres to current safety standards. Your tours will be conducted by professional guides, who ensure an entertaining and informative experience. Where necessary, tours are conducted using listening devices, which are excellent for social distancing. The Unusual Tourist also organises reservations for popular sites and museums and steers you away from the crowds. 

Your itinerary may include tranquil hikes to more remote, lesser-known sights, which are rich in natural beauty or have archaeological value. Or there might be day-trips, with private visits to small farms and family-run estates that take immense pride in their work, produce and traditions.

The Unusual Tourist is there to do all the thinking and legwork for you, allowing you and your travelling companions to relax and enjoy your vacation, stress-free! Whilst in Italy, they also provide 24-hour assistance. When overseas in this day and age, having a personal concierge that speaks the local language is not just much-welcomed, it is priceless!

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