X MUSE Vodka Elevates Presence In The Art World

X MUSE Vodka Elevates Presence In The Art World

X MUSE, the pioneering blended barley vodka inspired by art and Scottish spirit-making traditions, has solidified its position as the vodka darling of the art world following its second Art Bar residency at Venice Biennale of Arte’s vernissage. Pronounced ‘tenth muse,’ X MUSE’s unique blend of two heritage barley varieties and pure water, drawn from its spiritual home – art sculpture park and gallery Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh – results in a luxurious spirit for the discerning drinker.

The brand’s name is drawn from the Xth Muse bust of Sappho by Scottish poet, artist and gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay which resides at the exquisite estate. The vodka’s exceptional quality arises from the careful orchestration of Plumage Archer and Maris Otter barley, combined with water drawn from an ancient aquifer at the heart of Jupiter Artland, framed by the monumental land art commission Cells of Life by architect, artist and gardener Charles Jencks (the undulating curved lines of which are echoed in the bottle’s shape). During the alcohol reduction process, a small amount of this water is added to the vodka. These ‘Magic Drops’ have been energised in a glass vortex and rested on amethyst crystals in reference to British artist Anya Gallaccio’s amethyst grotto also, on view at Jupiter Artland.

Three years in the making, the spirit was realised in close collaboration with Heriot-Watt University. The careful orchestration of barleys, prized for their taste, creates a smooth and complex flavour. Combined with water of exceptional purity, X MUSE can be sipped and savoured straight, on the rocks or act as an inspirational starting point for both classic and creative, artist-driven cocktails. X MUSE is handcrafted in Scotland in batches of consistent quality, using the finest local ingredients but with subtle differences in organoleptic profile embracing the variety of nature.

Renowned for its presence at prestigious art events, X MUSE has made waves at Frieze, White Cube, Goodman Gallery, Thaddeus Ropac and Hauser and Wirth and, most recently, with its Art Bar residency at the Navy Officer’s Club, located alongside the Arsenale exhibition, to coincide with the Venice Biennale of Arte’s 60th vernissage. To celebrate the Biennale’s theme, ‘Foreigners Everywhere’ X MUSE unveiled five cocktails inspired by Adriano Pedrosa’s debut curatorial theme. Artful drinking and conversations were accompanied by a series of talks and performances – involving The Art Newspaper, Delfina Foundation, artist of consciousness Marcos Lutyens – among others. The residency in the Renaissance cloister of this celebrated also included a sneak peek of a new book entitled Art Thinking scribed by X MUSE’s Artistic Director and Co-founder Grigoryan and to be published by Cultureshock later this year.

Born from a passion for art against the backdrop of Jupiter Artland’s unique collection, X MUSE embodies art and ideas that transcends time. Referencing the muses in Greek mythology, the tenth muse is the amalgamation of the nine muses and symbolises harmony and perfection. This muse, which is never seen or defined, links to Vadim and co-founder and Jupiter Artland Co-owner Robert Wilson’s search for a delicious and perfect sipping vodka and is further referenced in the brand credo ‘more is hid than uttered’ embossed in its Latin version ‘Plura Latent, Quam Patent’ on every bottle cap in wax.

X MUSE is listed in over 100 prestigious bars across London and Edinburgh and is about to be exported to France in partnership in partnership with La Maison du Whisky.

CEO and Co-founder Robert Wilson emphasises the challenge of creating a vodka that stands on its own merits, stating, “It cannot be bolstered by botanicals or aged in oak barrels. It must stand on its own. This is the measure of X MUSE.”

Co-founders of X MUSE Vodka, Vadim Grigoryan (LEFT) and Robert Wilson (RIGHT)

The X MUSE experience extends beyond the bottle, with Milan-based design studio Formafantasma’s X MUSE Temple at Jupiter Artland with hosted helicon tasting workshops available to book throughout the Spring and Summer (Jupiter Artland will close on the 29th September, 2024).

X MUSE (70 cl) is priced at approximately £55 and available for purchase on the X MUSE website and at select retailers, including Hedonism, Petersham Cellar, Master of Malt, Amazon UK, and The Whisky Exchange. Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols.

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