With amazing natural wonders and beauty, the south boasts magnificent views that are guaranteed to take your breath away, from sunrise to sunset. An ideal destination for travellers who love adventure in the great outdoors. The south of Israel is sparsely populated, but packed with fascinating sites and activities.

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Discover Assam Bengal Navigation’s newest experience in exclusive partnership with the cycling experts of Asia – Grasshopper Adventures’ India by Bike & Boat on the Brahmaputra river.

It’s a part of India that’s covered with swathes of green, rolling tea gardens, an abundance of wildlife, a river that’s – at times – as vast as the sea, and a unique culture that borrows elements from Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. This Bike & Boat tour aboard ABN Charaidew I, Assam Bengal Navigation’s charming heritage passenger vessel, is the first of its kind in the Indian Subcontinent. The tour takes cyclists (and non-cycling partners or friends who want to join) to one of Asia’s greatest rivers – the Brahmaputra. Originating in Tibet, this riverine lifeline flows all the way through the state, giving birth to national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and charming villages along its course.

Join Assam Bengal Navigation and Grasshopper Adventures on this journey of a lifetime, featuring cycling excursions to monasteries in river islands, tribal villages, and a wildlife sanctuary where sightings of the Indian one-horned rhinoceros are virtually guaranteed. Non-cycling guests can also enjoy the full experience with guided walking tours, safaris, and visits to all the cultural and historic sites on our route. Discover northeast India in this epic journey on land and water in the Himalayan river valley of Assam.


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