Timeless Jewellery Crafted Using Luxury Lab-Grown Diamonds: Nature’s Creation Perfected by Science

Astrea London, a pioneering lab-grown diamond jewellery brand, will enter the luxury market this June, aiming to surpass all expectations of diamond buyers everywhere. Dedicated to sourcing the finest laboratory-grown diamonds, (offering D, E and F colours only) Astrea combines artisanal diamond techniques with state-of-the art technology to create timeless pieces that showcase the limitless nature of cultured diamonds to the world. Launching with two thoughtfully designed collections and a bespoke service, the brand proves that diamonds do not need to cost the Earth.

A core pillar of the brand is education for diamond buyers on the credentials of lab versus mined diamonds. Laboratory-grown diamonds have identical physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds and no diamond experts nor gemologists can tell them apart. The only real difference is that lab-diamonds come at significantly more affordable prices and are fully and ethically traceable which is why, according to the Economist, it is forecast that “75% of diamonds will be Lab grown by 2050”. IGI has been certifying lab diamonds since 2015, using the same criteria as mined diamonds, and in 2019 GIA followed suit thus accrediting the appeal of the technology that recreates the precious stone.



Setting itself apart from other lab-grown diamond brands currently in the market, Astrea London ensures that every piece of jewellery uses individually-picked, superior quality stones, attaining certification to the coveted Type IIa categories. Only the top 1-2% of the world’s mined diamonds qualify for this level of brilliance and purity. Typically, a two carat laboratory grown diamond D grade is priced at £5,000 versus £30,000 for a typical similar grade mined diamond.


Since conception, the brand has evolved into a collective of experts, including gemologists, designers, chemists and industry specialists, bringing together decades of expertise. The brand launches with two inaugural collections:

The Eternal Collection – Timeless, easy-to-wear, diamond pieces such as meticulously crafted tennis bracelets, stud earrings and eternity rings for daily wear.

The L’Amour Collection – Astrea’s exclusive series, unveils heart-encrusted necklaces and other finery as odes to everlasting love. Each ensemble is the brainchild of esteemed Parisian jewellery architects, offering both timeless engagement rings and carefully curated men’s jewellery pieces.

The collections offer a spectrum of choice, with pieces starting at £2000 with an average of £10,000. Additionally, Astrea will debut an exclusive 90-carat colourless piece valued at £150,000. This exclusive creation will be one of the world’s rare wearable items (with D and E colour) that can be styled in seven different ways.


Astrea, named after the Greek goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision, was co-founded in London by long-term friends Claire and Nathalie. The brand’s inception traces back to the admiration Claire held for her grandmother, Margaret Coglin, fondly dubbed the “Grace Kelly” of Kenya. Margaret’s advocacy for the ethical and traceable qualities of lab diamonds deeply inspired Claire and Nathalie, shaping their vision for sustainability intertwined with the pursuit of beauty.

“Muti, as we fondly called her” shares Claire “gifted me a diamond trilogy pendant over 25 years ago, which I proudly wore on my wedding day. To my surprise, Muti revealed that they were lab-grown diamonds, ahead of their time in terms of environmental consciousness and quality. She believed fervently in their superiority and foresaw their recognition as the ethical choice to preserve our planet.”

Led by Margaret’s vision, Claire and Nathalie delved into lab diamond research, learning about their identical qualities to mined diamonds but with significantly reduced environmental impact and a more accessible price point, something they are now passionate about sharing with the world.


Astrea London is available online at astrealondon.com and will showcase its pieces in some of the top hotels of the world. The first hotel collaboration will begin with a 6-star Palace in France from Summer 2024 as well as the Fairmont Windsor and other prestigious hotels in London.


Astrea is committed to sustainability and preserving the environment. Considering the environmental impact of traditional diamond mining, we commit to offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds in order to preserve the Earth’s natural resources, reduce our carbon emissions and eliminate harmful mining practices. Moreover, we are committed to investing a portion of our profits towards the ongoing development and application of lab diamonds within the medical industry, including optics, cancer treatment, dental and water purification.

Astrea actively supports philanthropic efforts within education and specifically in Africa. Astrea will give a percentage of its profit yearly to support talented, determined children from underprivileged backgrounds in Africa and provide them with an educational journey thereby creating leaders and entrepreneurs who can effect much-needed change in their society and economy. The founders of Astrea have supported the education-focused, non-profit organisation Sumbandila for years and believe this organisation has an invaluable and positive impact on the lives of children in Africa.

Ultimately, Astrea believes that education is power and when you choose our beautiful lab-grown diamonds, you not only acquire a symbol of elegance and charm but also contribute to our mission of supporting the environment and giving back to the community.

Astrea London invites you to explore the new collection: www.astrealondon.com