Introducing CAFÉ SOLO

New Super Premium Coffee Liqueur – CAFÉ SOLO

If you’re missing Patrón XO Café in the UK, why not try newly launched CAFÉ SOLO ORIGINAL – the first in a range of full-bodied super premium cold brew coffee liqueurs meticulously crafted in the UK. CAFÉ SOLO is ready to shake up the UK’s cocktail market, collaborating with SOLO Coffee, carefully combining their exceptional blend of cold brew espresso -strength coffee with premium vodka and natural sugar. 

CAFÉ SOLO is the ultimate fusion of quality ingredients, resulting in a tantalising liqueur that’s as smooth as it is indulgent. Whether you prefer it straight up or as the star of your favourite cocktail, CAFÉ SOLO will elevate your coffee cocktail experience.

CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur RRP: From £30 for a 70cl bottle. ABV: 25%. Available from Amazon

— CAFÉ SOLO Espresso Martini — 

60ml CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur | 30ml Espresso Coffee | 30ml Premium Vodka

Add ice to a cocktail shaker and shake up the perfect Espresso Martini. Strain and pour into a coupe glass, decorate with a trio of coffee beans. (If you prefer it less sweet, try using equal parts – 40ml of each ingredient) 

— CAFÉ SOLO Iced Coffee — 

50ml CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur | Milk (Pick Your Favourite)

Fill a tall glass with ice and add CAFÉ SOLO Original. Top with your milk of choice.

— CAFÉ SOLO Mini Irish Coffee — 

CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur | 40ml Double Cream | 10ml Irish Cream

Fill two shot glasses with 2/3 CAFÉ SOLO Original. Shake double cream and Irish Cream without ice, then slowly pour over the shots using the back of a spoon.

CAFÉ SOLO Original boasts a robust ABV of 25%, delivering a bold, rich flavour profile with hints of dark fruit acidity, chocolate and vanilla notes, culminating in a subtle sweet finish.

Grounded with exceptional coffee, CAFÉ SOLO is crafted with premium SOLO Cold Brew Coffee, which boasts a full-bodied flavour profile, rich acidity, and a refreshingly clean finish. Developed by former baristas, SOLO Coffee has gained international acclaim, supplying renowned bars and restaurant groups across the UK. SOLO Coffee uses ethically sourced beans from Brazil and Colombia, which are blended and expertly cold brewed to perfection. 

For more information on CAFÉ SOLO please visit and @CafeSoloLiqueur Instagram