The heart and soul of Canada

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in British Colombia offers a true taste of the North American wilderness. About 50km from the charming village of Clinton, and a five-hour scenic drive from Vancouver, this Canadian signature experience offers a rich array of activities amid breathtaking scenery. It even provides an authentic glimpse into the historic Wild West, as the Gold Rush trail is right on its doorstep.

Situated at the convergence of mountains, forests, canyons, and grasslands Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a nature lover’s dream. Mountain ranges to the east provide a dramatic backdrop and views of majestic peaks can be enjoyed from almost anywhere on the ranch. The Marble Mountains in particular are remarkable due to their stunning karst topography. The sunset often turns the pale marble peaks a deep orange, a spectacle best enjoyed while taking an evening stroll after a farm-fresh, organic dinner.

To the south-west lies Fraser Canyon, a fascinating grassy landscape along the Fraser River, intersected by deep gorges. Some call it the Grand Canyon of the North, this glacial phenomena also offers a fascinating glimpse into the days of Gold Rush via a 1,066 metre descent from boreal forests into the desert-like canyon below. It was here that brave pioneers navigated the river in search of gold in the 1850s. Original structures still remain and Echo Valley welcomes you to try your hand at gold panning with one of the ranch’s guides.

Bordering the ranch to the north-west is the boreal forest, a diverse oasis of desert pines and bushy ferns. A hike through the valley under the forested canopy is essential during your stay –  the ranch’s border collies make excellent companions and often come along for an adventure! Exploring the forests is equally exhilarating on horseback, while a riverside picnic offers the chance to absorb the awe-inspiring beauty of the land.

With lakes, marshes, rolling hills and pastures, the Cariboo Plateau grasslands to the south-east of Echo Valley offer an abundance of opportunities to enjoy this breathtaking wilderness. Hiking, horseriding and mountain biking – the possibilities are as infinite as the landscape. Here you can cross creeks and rivers and catch a glimpse of marsh wrens, yellow-headed blackbirds and sandhill cranes. The grasslands are also home to beautiful stands of aspens and a walk through the whispering trees is especially breathtaking in early fall.

Part of the family

Although Echo Valley encompasses so many aspects of Canada’s beautiful landscapes, it’s also a destination that goes beyond the great outdoors. One of Canada’s most defining traits is its multiculturalism, and it’s this that makes a stay at the ranch so special – at Echo Valley’s you receive a truly international welcome. Guests become part of an extended global family, and often describe being “completely at home” during their vacation.

As owner Norm Dove puts it: “When my wife Nan and I first came to Echo Valley, we were in awe of the peace and serenity in this breathtaking place. We immediately felt the intangible luxury and the soothing effect it has on the soul. While Echo Valley was at first only meant to be enjoyed by family and friends, it has grown far beyond that. An important part of what makes Echo Valley so special is our excellent team – our ‘ranch family’. We celebrate our different cultures and background and share this home in true Canadian fashion – tolerant, compassionate and in friendship.” Θ

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