From Elvis to Elizabeth Taylor, the most iconic stars of the 1960s had one thing in common – they wore Renauld. Now, due to an exciting relaunch, you can too

Luxury sunglasses brand Renauld has relaunched after forty years, recreating the limited-edition collectibles worn by the Hollywood greats and sporting superstars of the 1960s. Designs include the ‘Elvis Memphis’, worn by ‘The King’ himself, which house a precious, authentic keepsake belonging to Elvis in the lens. Then there is the ‘Jim Clarke by Renauld’, as worn by the motor racing luminary during his Formula One years, or the ‘Rossano’, which was immortalised in the opening scene of, The Italian Job.

Picture the red Lamborghini Miura as it wound its way around the Great St Bernard Pass, actor Rossano Brazzi sat cooly at the wheel in his iconic wraparound Renauld. It’s thanks to this scene that Renauld captured the hearts of luxury car enthusiasts and has since become regarded as the ultimate driving sunglasses.

Renauld’s popularity in the 1960s and 1970s with legends including Sean Connery, Jackie Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor and David Niven remains undeniable. It was the brand to be seen in at the most glamorous beach and ski resorts. It was all about the high-life and Renauld rapidly became the symbol of the international glitterati.

Fast forward

Reestablished by Gareth Llewelyn, all Renauld sunglasses are limited edition and crafted by hand to exacting standards by the brand’s leading eye atelier in Italy. Llewelyn is determined to give new life to Renauld’s timeless designs, whilst also introducing new collections that enhance the heritage of the brand.

Each pair of Renauld tells a story and will quickly become an invaluable addition to all those with a passion for iconic eyewear. Whether as the ultimate accessory, or as an investment, a pair of Renauld is something to behold. With an exciting new website launching in August, watch this space for the new rise of Renauld.

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