Spirit of innovation

Ginpourium opened in early 2017 and has immediately become a hit with gin connoisseurs. “We’ve plugged a gap in the local market by developing a pop-up gin palace. We’re embracing the gin renaissance sweeping our country, bringing huge consumer demand for new wave and unique gins flooding the market,” says Ginpourium Manager Sarah Rogers.

The current gin craze is a world apart from the debauchery of the first one; a period during the 18th century when excessive consumption of gin led to a slump in morality. English folk, particularly Londoners, quaffed grain-based liquor in remarkable volumes leaving the city with an epidemic of inebriation, and the birth of the term ‘mother’s ruin’.

Ginpourium is developing an exciting array of spirits incorporating all the wonderful botanicals and flavours now available for the budding ginthusiast.

Each gin is researched, tasted and paired with its ideal mixer and garnish, then categorised into one of six sections, including: ‘Spice’, gins with a spicy kick, often pairing well with ginger beer; ‘Herbaceous’, gins with dominant herbal tones; and ‘Citrus’, gins with a zing of citrus fruit.

“We have an evolving back bar, currently approaching 100 gins, so it’s important to make customer selection as simple as possible,” says James Edis of Ginpourium.

Ginpourium’s menu showcases the entire gin category and offers a delicious journey into the world of gin.

Ginpourium favourites

Newton House Gin
Newton House offers slightly floral and citrus warmth. Flavours of gentle juniper pine are softened by peach and a touch of almond followed by blueberry and sharp citrus. Beautiful served simply with Fever-Tree tonic and a mint garnish.
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Mermaid Gin
Mermaid Gin is a refreshing gin, smooth with slight sweet peppery notes and hints of underlying citrus. Try this with Fever-Tree tonic and a sprig of samphire or a twist of cucumber.
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Silent Pool Gin
Silent Pool is juniper-driven with notes of lavender and chamomile, citrus freshness and subtle honey sweetness. Serve with Fever-Tree tonic and an orange zest.
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Further information
Ginpourium can be found within the 1812 Lounge Bar, Royal Exeter Hotel, Bournemouth.