An island fusion

Mermaid Gin was created on the Isle of Wight in Hampshire by a brewer and a winemaker with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to match. Their aim was to express both the beauty and the character of their home, with a premium, small batch gin. 
With no known records, or history of distilling on the island ever before, Isle of Wight Distillery is making history by becoming the first and only distillery to have been granted a licence.

Mermaid Gin is created using only locally hand-picked ingredients, including Boadicea hops from the famous Ventnor Botanic Garden and rock samphire, foraged from the chalky cliffs of the island. The gin uses an infusion of 10 carefully selected botanicals including, Juniper berries, English coriander seeds, fresh Sicilian lemon zest, angelica root, liquorice root, orris root, elderflower and grains of paradise, cut with Island chalk-fed spring water.

The gin has a contemporary flavour profile – smooth, fresh and invigorating, with a layered complexity. Distiller Xavier Baker says, “Mermaid Gin is a smooth refreshing gin – citrusy, slightly peppery with hints of the sea air from the Rock Samphire.” Enjoy aromas of fresh citrus oils, wheaty and woody with a hint of spice. 

Mermaid is a truly versatile gin – it makes the perfect G&T, but is also smooth enough to sip as a short. Plus, it is an ideal base for many cocktails and is a favourite of mixologists. Isle of Wight Distillery recommend a double measure of Mermaid Gin in an ice filled glass, paired with a high quality tonic water. Garnish with ribbons of cucumber, fresh samphire and a scattering of juniper berries.

Mermaid Gin is 42% ABV and available in three sizes, 70cl, 35cl and 5cl.

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