5 facts about the richest private resort in the world

If you think owning your own island is a luxury, Banwa Island proves to be more luxurious than any other. Here’s what we know so far.

It’s part of the 7,641 islands of the Philippines

Banwa Island is located in the Philippines, an archipelago southeast of Asia. It can be found down south of the country’s capital, Manila, in the Palawan territory where it is widely known for its pristine blue waters, white sand and majestic lagoons. If Palawan rings a bell, perhaps we can tell you why.

You can get there only through a private jet, a helicopter or a seaplane

Yep, talk about exclusivity! Only three modes of transportation can get you to this tropical destination – either by private jet/scheduled flight from Manila (plus a heli transfer), a seaplane or a helicopter.  The distance from Manila to Banwa Island is around two hours. But depending on which mode of transportation you take, the fastest time can take around an hour to 2 hours and 15 minutes. Arrangements can be made by the island’s team and their aviation partners.

You can also fly in from Palawan nearby.

Only 48 guests can stay there at most

You have one, two and four bedroom villas (including the owner’s exclusive residence) to choose from, which can be occupied by 22 visitors max. Of course, a spectacular beach view is part of your own private residence in paradise. Each villa has its own infinity pool and jacuzzi deck.

Located at the highest point on the island are the Axis Suites, which contains a ‘360 Suite’, that has 12 rooms for 24 guests. Banwa Island clarifies, however, that “additional accommodation can be arranged if required”.

Guests will have their ‘own’ nutritionist

For those opting for healthier options when it comes to food, the island’s nutritionists are provided to help “craft perfectly balanced meal plans”. Additionally, guests can also join a cooking masterclass led by Nadedja Bouacha, who was also a nutritionist herself and a former private chef Qatar Royal Family.

Spa treatments in Banwa Island are unlimited – BUT there’s a catch

Guests need to book a minimum of three nights, which is reported to cost around $100,000 ( £78,880). This includes all other amenities and activities.

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Photos courtesy of Banwa Private Island’s Official Website