Your Dream Eco-Conscious Home

With HUF HAUS you can make your green vision a reality, creating a cost-efficient house that is kind to the environment

Tough times are ahead as soaring gas and electricity prices lead to higher energy bills – especially in older, poorly insulated buildings, which could become very expensive to run. But there is a solution for those looking to make a change in life – shape your own eco-conscious future with a dream home from HUF HAUS. The bespoke HUF houses, made in Germany demonstrate the company’s commitment to designing and building ecologically sound homes that offer residents the opportunity to live carbon neutral lifestyles. HUF HAUS is a true innovator, particularly in the area of sustainability and energy efficiency, thereby making a major contribution to the conservation of the environment.

The family-owned company already set new standards for residential construction in 2017, when the first single-family home in the UK earned the highest, most prestigious Platinum award from the internationally recognised German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The DGNB’s rigorous framework requires each property to be benchmarked against extensive criteria, including ecology, economy, socio-cultural, technology, process work flows, and site. The DGNB is the first industry body to evaluate economic and ecological merits in equal measure.

Living the dream

Homeowners, Ian and Kay, ensured their HUF house qualified for this exceptional status by striving towards sustainability across every facet of their home – including a photovoltaic charging carport station for their electric vehicles. Kay comments: “Our new home has completely lived up to our expectations. I love coming home – it’s such a comfortable, as well as beautiful place to live.

“No matter what the weather is like outside, thanks to the air source heat pump and the underfloor heating, the temperature is always right inside and heating costs are a tenth of our previous home.”

HUF HAUS continues to set new benchmarks in post and beam construction proving that timber – used in construction over centuries – is the material of the future. Alongside the panoramic triple glazing, all HUF houses benefit from highly insulated walls and ceilings that adapt to diverse climatic conditions. Highly efficient air source heat pumps and under floor heating systems make an essential contribution towards energy savings, while providing comfort and warmth. Efficient ventilation systems, solar and photovoltaic systems, and modern home automation can be integrated to enhance the comfort levels.

The necessity of sustainability

Covid restrictions have made people particularly aware of how important individual wellbeing is. Being bound to their homes for months has motivated many to ask themselves, “what kind of space do I actually want to spend my time in?” Instead of focusing on market trends and resell value, people are increasingly considering how their homes promote the wellbeing and health of their families. Architects and developers need to respond with spaces that are healthy and sustainable.

According to Peter Huf, Chief Architect, UK, HUF HAUS: “Caring honestly for our wellbeing needs to be a priority and a return on the investment will follow. The market value of a HUF house for example is growing in sync with the clear trend towards homes that are truly sustainable. The virus has forced us to take stock of our lives and has reminded us of the importance of investing in our own health and wellbeing. We can no longer afford to ignore sustainability. Each of us, in our personal and professional lives, must reflect on how to incorporate a sustainable approach.”

Uniquely designed eco-homes

The design of a home begins with a detailed conversation between a HUF architect and the client, exploring vital criteria such as: what lifestyle ideals do the new owners envisage? Which requirements should the new house satisfy? How does the family relax and unwind? Which spaces are communal, and which are to provide solace? Once these criteria are established the HUF architect can proceed with the design draft of the house.

The nature of the building site determines foundations and design of the house, paired with client wishes and expectations. Which plot characteristics and factors should be considered in the design? Is the plot compact and urban or of a generous size and are the boundary lines straight or angled? What is the impact from the surroundings and neighbouring buildings? Is the plot secluded? Where should glazing be used and where is privacy required?

Garden design is also part of the living concept because green outdoor space is part of the lifestyle in the open HUF architecture – no matter how big the house or the surrounding area is. With modern 3D planning technology, HUF HAUS can simulate how it would feel for the client to sit on the couch and what the panorama would be like when you wake up in bed. No stone is left unturned in achieving your dream eco-conscious home.

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