World Water Day 2023 – Hallstein Water 

Hallstein Water Joins the Global Movement to Accelerate Change for the Water and Sanitation Crisis

Hallstein Artesian Water, the most sustainable and highest quality drinking water in the world, continues its collaboration with global non-profit Operation Water for World Water Day 2023 (22nd March) to strengthen its long-term partnership building infrastructure to deliver clean drinking water to communities in Africa. Together, this collaboration resolves to lead the effort to end the global water crisis.

World Water Day raises awareness about the global water crisis and the need for sustainable management of freshwater resources. The day is recognized by the United Nations and serves as a platform to highlight the importance of water in our daily lives and its crucial role in the development of societies and economies worldwide. World Water Day promotes the conservation of freshwater resources and encourages individuals, organizations, and governments to take action towards ensuring the availability and sustainable management of clean water for all. With the theme of “Accelerating Change” for 2023, this year’s focus on the acceleration of change to solve the water and sanitation crisis, encouraging people to take action in their own lives to change the way they use, consume and manage water.

Just this last week, Operation Water have announced they have obtained the final Government approval to empower them to raise finance to develop 8 new water systems in Mozambique which will cost in excess of £37 million and serve over 600,000 people.

“We are proud to continue and further strengthen our alliance with Hallstein Water, who has increased its support to ensure a future of sustainable water for all,” noted Ryan Phillips-Page, Founder & CEO of Operation Water. “Hallstein Water has committed a generous donation for each annual subscription to Operation Water during our month-long World Water Day campaign. We are grateful for Hallstein’s support, and look forward to our continued team efforts in ending the water crisis with our project in Mozambique.”

Walking an average of 3.7 miles a day just to collect clean, drinkable water is a reality for 72% of households relying on women and children to fetch and haul the family’s water when there is no source in the home. 663 million people, roughly 9% of the global population, lack access to improved drinking sources, with 48% of those living in sub-Saharan Africa. Operation Water collaborates with philanthropists and social impact investors such as Hallstein Water to fight the water crisis by delivering infrastructure solutions throughout the world that will provide clean water access to the most amount of people at the lowest cost per person.

During the month of March, Hallstein Water is doubling its donations to Operation Water, providing an additional person with a lifetime supply of clean water in the regions in which Operation Water has launched per new subscription. “Lifetime of Clean Drinking Water” program is a bold yet simple opportunity to fight the global water crisis. To date, the company has already provided drinking water to thousands of people and the number is set to increase.

“We are proud to support Operation Water” adds Alexander Muhr, CEO of Hallstein Artesian Water. “The ongoing issues that arise for communities without access to clean drinking water are vast and can impact every aspect of life. Our family and our company are passionate about working toward ending water inequities and focusing on sustainable efforts to solve these pressing issues for future generations.” To support this initiative

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