Winter wonders

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a stunning, secluded destination in the heart of the Arctic wilderness. Its extraordinary location is perfect for those who want to explore nature at its purest and bask in an almost surreal silence.

Founded in 1974, this family-run hotel in the Sami territory in the far north of Finland is renowned for its iconic glass igloos. The igloos provide a truly unique opportunity to observe the Aurora Borealis in complete warmth and comfort – even in temperatures as low as -30 degrees C.

The hotel’s location is perfect for enjoying this natural phenomenon – this far north you can see Aurora Borealis approximately 200 nights a year. Despite the secluded location, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is easy to reach via daily flights between Helsinki and Ivalo.

From August through to late April “Aurora-spotting” is one of the main attractions at the resort. But there’s more to Kakslauttanen than the Arctic sky. In the winter season, you can sled through the wilderness on huskies, or take a relaxing reindeer sleigh trip to discover more about the fascinating culture and lifestyle of the local Sami people.

For more adrenaline-packed excursions, visitors can head out on a snowmobile safari. Another incredible way to experience the Arctic way of life is ice fishing – pull up a catch-of-the-day from the icy grip of Lake Inari.

In addition to glass igloos, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers the full range of accommodation from traditional log cabins, to queen suites, “turf chambers” and a century-old traditional house. The recently built Kelo-Glass igloos combine the comforting warmth of cosy log chalets with the sensational views of the world-famous glass igloos.

A love for Lapland’s wilderness can be seen all around the facilities which showcase the region’s beauty and its special way of life. Cabins and igloos are located in peaceful, secluded surroundings yet are all walking distance from restaurants and other services.

The resort features several restaurants serving Lappish cuisine, a Santa Claus attraction, an art gallery and a 30-metre-high igloo panoramic viewing tower and bar.

Next year Kakslauttanen Arctic resort will open the largest planetarium in Scandinavia with 150 seats, all geared towards admiring the night sky and the phenomena that is the Northern Lights.

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