Why living in the wild is a great idea

Nature calling? It’s a green thumb up when the safari’s involved, too. Naretoi can make that happen! Picture this: crested cranes flying over your varedah at sunset, the sound of a pride of lions roaring from the distance… don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. The 1,000 acre wildlife estate in Kenya will allow a very limited sale of 5 acre properties for your future eco-home, in compliance with the Naretoi guidelines. A striking balance between comfort and adventure, it is a four hour drive away from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Founded in 2012, Naretoi provides greener pastures (quite literally) for interested future residents. They focus on optimising sustainable conservation, empowerment of local communities and being environmentally responsible.

As humans, it is our duty to protect our planet and everything in it. Naretoi makes sure that these objectives are met. They also use grazing animals as the drivers of habitat creation, collaborating with Enonkishu Conservancy (who maintain an objective of balancing the ecosystem and appropriating enterprise for the resident Maasai communities). Thankfully, there has been increases in wildlife!

Immersing yourself in the safari with family and friends is a different but enriching experience

It is said often that experience is the best teacher. Being in the wild is certainly an eye-opening experience compared to living in the city or even the countryside. Living in Naretoi will help you become one with nature and can also provide an educational experience in animal conservancy and how to help preserve our earth. Ngerende Airstrip is a 15-minute game drive away and there is a private airstrip on Naretoi as well.

You’re helping the locals, too

A partial amount of the annual service charge goes to Enonkishu Conservatory. The non-profit organisation also help in developing communities, which includes development projects, drawing unity amongst the people living and working in and around Naretoi.

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