Where history shines

Sixty kilometres from Prague lies historic Kutná Hora. The city’s fortune and heritage is closely associated with silver, which was first mined as far back as the 10th century. Mining continued into the Middle Ages, making Kutná Hora the second most important city in Bohemia, behind Prague. Over time, the extraction of silver became too expensive, but the legacy of wealth remains apparent in the incredible architecture. Its silver secrets can be discovered at the Czech Museum of Silver; at the replica of a medieval silver mine; and at the former royal mint at Italian Court.

Beyond the world of precious metals, Kutná Hora is all about the architecture, which spans the ages. The UNESCO-listed Cathedral of Saint Barbara is a must-see, while the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St John the Baptist in Sedlec, all provide rich insight to Kutná Hora’s cultural backdrop.

By city standards, Kutná Hora is a tranquil destination and offers a place to relax and to enjoy history. Of course, acquainting yourself with Czech culture is part of the fun – and the Czechs love a glass of wine. Indeed, as early as the 14th century, Charles IV recognised how fertile the soil was for growing vines. Today, there are over 50 hectares of vineyards in the area, one of them you can see just below the Jesuit College – Gallery of The Central Bohemian Region and Cathedral of Saint Barbara. If you prefer beer, you’re in the right place. It would not be a Czech city without its own brewery – the Town Brewery in Kutná Hora. The local drop can be sampled at any one of the many terrific bars and taverns across the city.

When it comes to the sweet things in life, Kutná Hora has a tale to tell. A museum in the city centre will transport you back to 1918, when the Koukol & Michera chocolate factory was established. At the time it exported Koukol & Michera confectionery under the brand name Lidka all across Europe, America, Palestine and the British colonies. Nowadays the factory is much smaller, but the taste is still unforgettable.

Getting around the city is leisurely and simple. Simply rent a bike at the information centre and enjoy one of the many cycle tracks, including the educational cycle trail ‘Around Kutná Hora’ or follow another that takes you through the picturesque Kutná Hora region. There is also the option of exploring on foot, with ‘King’s Walk’ trail especially popular. 

The town is a lot of fun for children as well. They will be able to enjoy the Museum of LEGO, the mirror maze, the toboggan track, corn maze, swimming pools and much more.

Local tips to enjoying Kutná Hora: 

  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at the viewpoint Havirska bouda.
  • Watch the sun set at Menhir.
  • Sample a glass of local wine at vineyards of Vinne Sklepy opposite Jesuit College.
  • Have a coffee at Zero Point, located at GASK gardens.
  • To make the most of Kutná Hora you can book a tour at the local guide services in Vlassky dvur. Tours are full of local knowledge and are suitable for groups as well as individuals.
  • ALSO Mention ‘The Luxury Report’ and show an image of the magazine at the information centre in Sankturin house or at the guide services in Vlassky Dvur to receive a small gift.

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