Where amazing adventures await

Known as the ‘Nature Island’, the east Caribbean nation of Dominica, is renowned for its beauty. It is where tropical rainforest meets soaring mountains, a place of bubbling hot springs and ancient Carib villages, where adventure seekers head for diving, hiking, canyoning, and mind-blowing nature experiences. It is a Caribbean island that will make you feel alive.

Dominica has a range of incredible national parks to discover. So strap on your hiking boots and venture to Cabrits National Park, Morne Diablotin or to the Morne Trois Pitons National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island’s signature hike is to the Boiling Lake – the second largest of its kind in the world – a full day hike through the active volcanic caldera of the Valley of Desolation. For experienced hikers, the 115 miles of the Waitukubuli National Trail stretches the whole length of the island and offers a fascinating glimpse into Dominica’s history.

Dominica is full of intrigue under the water as well. Rich with healthy reefs, extraordinary formations and unrivalled visibility, the abundant marine life and beautiful weather is more than enough for you to spend an entire day snorkelling or diving. There’s even an active Champagne Reef, where bubbles rise from the ocean floor to provide a delightful swimming experience.

In fact, the ocean is so good that Dominica is the only country in the world where a pod of mighty sperm whale resides all year round! On dedicated whale-watching trips, sightings of these majestic creatures are common, along with dolphins, humpback, and killer whales.


Rhythm of the island
Dominica might be a natural playground, but with great food and music it ticks all the lifestyle boxes too. Every year sees an annual carnival, Mas Domnik, plus a Jazz ‘n’ Creole festival, a Food & Drink Festival, a Dive Fest, and the World Creole Music Festival.

Dominica is the eastern Caribbean’s health and wellness capital. An island replete with untouched nature, clean air, and water so pure you can safely drink straight from the mountain rivers. It is also dotted with hot, mineral-rich springs and pools, where you can sit and soak up the goodness at one with nature. Add to this the wholesome harvest of Dominica’s traditional farming and fishing, and combine it with exercise and adventure, and you discover that Dominica is all about feeling good.

To protect its natural assets, Dominica places great emphasis on preserving the natural environment, and guarding against the impact of climate change. The nation recently banned all single-use plastics and is becoming more self-sufficient by the day. For nature loving, adventure seeking and environmentally conscious travellers, Dominica is a destination they will return to time after time.

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