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Kotor in Montenegro is the consummate year-round destination. With its historic Old Town and incredible location in the Gulf of Kotor, this is a place where time floats away on a warm coastal breeze. Great food, tranquil, secluded coves and incredible hiking all come as standard in Kotor. However, those looking for something a little more dynamic will not be disappointed: Kotor has an adventure-packed side too, and the following is only a taste of what is waiting to be discovered.

Free climbing

If you are a fan of free climbing, then Kotor is the place for you. Not far from the town centre is a base offering 40 different routes, with something for all types of climbers. The range of difficulty across the routes means it is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and professional climbers, and the breathtaking views that await are worth every last ounce of effort and concentration.

Via ferrata

Via ferrata refers to a style of climbing that uses a steel cable periodically fixed to the rock face along a designated route. The via ferrata in Kotor – in the vicinity of the Old Town’s Northern Gate – is 200 metres long and 150 metres high and takes about two hours to complete. The route rewards with panoramic views of Kotor and Boka Bay. Climbers also have the opportunity to take a hike along an old Austrian road to the National Park Lovcen and Cetinje.

Ocean Lava

Ocean Lava is one of the most popular sporting events in Montenegro. It is a long-distance triathlon involving a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride, and a 21.1km run. Taking place in May, Ocean Lava attracts local triathletes as well as competitors from all around the world. What makes this event so appealing is that the race takes place in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, so the participants test their limits in the heart of remarkable scenery.


An internationally recognised swimming competition, X WATERS is another leading sporting event held in Kotor. Also taking place in May, distances vary from 50 metres to 7000 metres, so the race appeals to a range of athletes. Swimmers start in Risan, the oldest settlement in Boka Bay, then move between the islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks in Perast, before finishing the race back at Risan. Sea temperatures in the bay are very pleasant this time of year, making this competition hugely popular.


Kayaking is a great way of escaping the summer crowds and exploring Kotor’s stunning landscapes. It isn’t just great exercise and a lot of fun, but also an opportunity to enjoy this historic town from a whole new perspective. Apart from the natural wonders of the bay, you will also see churches, and even palaces along the coast. And what is better than paddling to a secluded spot for a snorkel, before enjoying a tranquil picnic.


There is a long tradition of sailing in Boka Bay and this is the perfect way to discover the many jewels that dot the region’s coastline. From historic islands to hidden beaches, all you need is a stiff breeze and some fine Mediterranean food for the perfect day at sea. On 22 July a regatta has taken place in Perast every year since 1452. A convoy of decorated boats depart and every participant throws a stone into the sea to “bolster the island” in line with an age-old tradition.


There are several fabulous campsites in the municipality of Kotor – all are located in glorious countryside close to the sea. Restaurants and grocery stores are within walking distance from the sites, meaning campers can relax on the beach, with everything they could need for a comfortable stay well within the reach of town.

Scuba diving

Kotor offers world-class scuba diving for beginners and experts alike. A range of PADI certified schools are in the area, with experienced dive teams ready to take you down to the glorious depths of the Adriatic. Θ

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