Kelleher International – When all else fails, there is love

When all else fails, there is love

Nothing surpasses the joy of a meaningful, romantic relationship, especially when the world around you feels more uncertain than ever, says Amber Kelleher-Andrews, CEO of Kelleher International

More than ever, amid the turmoil, tension, and trails of our daily lives, it is love that endures. The power of a lasting, romantic relationship grounds us, connects us, and supports us – ultimately, it provides the strength for us to move forward. Having a partner to share your life, your passions, and purpose together makes all the difference in the world. And right now, we need a world of difference. Besides, who wants to spend tough times alone?

Our world is beset by challenges. Whether it’s climate change, economic turbulence, the relentless advance of technology, or the aftermath of covid – we live in a time that many of us feel unprepared for. We are experiencing war on several fronts, wars that are as deeply ideological as they are tragic.

To confront all this, we need a strong foundation – the strength to meet these challenges knowing that someone you trust has your back. Great men and women are required to guide humanity through this moment, one that is more challenging than any before it. And I believe that a meaningful relationship in these times is more significant than ever. Some might say that it’s even more important for those tasked with addressing these challenges.

My name is Amber Kelleher-Andrews. I am the CEO of Kelleher International, a relationship expert, professional matchmaker, TV personality, film producer, philanthropist, wife for over 25 years, and loving mother of three.

I have a deep passion for people and for love – I am a true romantic and firmly believe in the power of a relationship to transcend and lift us towards our potential.

Anything is possible

My mom, Jill Kelleher, started Kelleher International over 35 years ago. Together, we have grown it into the most successful matchmaking firm in the world for discerning singles. We instill key principles into all our world-class matchmakers: empathy, insight, and the power of a successful match. My experiences serving as CEO have shown me that anything is possible through a meaningful relationship.

Our clientele ranges from celebrities to politicians, from CEOs to doctors, lawyers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and even an astronaut. These are highly successful, motivated men and women who genuinely want to experience a lasting, meaningful relationship but are simply too busy, or too weary and wary of today’s dating “scene”.


Our firm has seen some hard times. Kelleher International was busy during 9/11, during the recession, and during covid. There’s a pattern. When times get tough, people want to be with someone. I have seen this for long enough to understand human nature and how when we slow down and take a pause, many realise they are alone. Love prevails, love makes us stronger, and love is what makes us human, and empathetic – something we could all use more of right now.

But the job has not become any easier; societal changes have put a greater emphasis on the individual, and the forces that motivate and drive those to success and achievement are often opposed to building a successful relationship. I have seen many powerful people who have achieved great things and great wealth, but who suffer when it comes to love – they just don’t have the time, energy, or desire to find a path through the jungle of expectations and disappointment in whatever “traditional” dating is today.

Technology is not a kind partner in this process. The universe of social media, dating apps, photo sharing, can create a lack of real humanity or intimacy and a sense of isolation. The apps are designed more for us to achieve false goals on behalf of tech companies rather than real-life ones. We get caught up in this – or we reject it – and that doesn’t really work either.

I personally work with our amazing matchmakers and clients to get the most out of communications and technology for the best possible modern relationship experience. Due to the nature of our clientele, security and privacy are key issues that we understand, and our approach allows for being selectively open and totally discreet.

My goal as an elite matchmaker is not just to find the right, most compatible partner, but to help navigate this complex dating landscape and bypass the many pitfalls and wrong turns that you can naturally take. Coaching and relationship guidance are critical elements of the matchmaking process. It’s not just about the match itself – but about the journey to finding a true partner. I want to make introductions that will change people’s lives. Through carefully curated introductions and personalised attention, I strive to create connections that are not only based on shared interests, but also on shared values and aspirations.

We aim to deliver a journey to love that is uplifting and joyous, offering encouragement and support as the relationship develops. We curate exciting travel, delicious meals, entertainment, and help create simple, powerful moments. Life may never feel “normal” again! We create ways to understand your potential partner, to find joy and points of connection and compatibility.

Is it worth it?

In today’s fast paced and challenging world, the power of a romantic partner is more significant than ever. It goes beyond simply connecting you to a relationship. It has the potential to transform your life, maximise your joy, and bring you true happiness – sometimes even as turmoil is all around you. So, for those who ask if it’s really worth all the trouble and effort, I want to offer a few key reasons why now, more than ever is the right time, and why yes – it is really worth it.

Emotional resilience – over again how a romantic partner can provide the emotional support necessary to build resilience, particularly in the face of challenges, such as ongoing global uncertainty.
A partner as a pillar – Having a supportive partner can act as a stabilising force during difficult times, providing comfort and strength.

Navigating challenges together – A strong partnership can enhance problem solving and decision making, contributing to personal and professional success.

Impact on professional success – There is a strong connection between personal relationships and professional success, a supportive partner can play a valuable role in career growth.

Shared experiences – An experience shared with someone you love is that much more beautiful. From a simple movie on the couch, to a life-changing romantic adventure, our culture is built around moments, memories, and shared experiences – never forget to create some with someone you care deeply about.
Investing in relationships – There are known long-term benefits of investing time and effort into building a strong, meaningful relationship. From health to wealth, or simply being higher on the happiness scale day in and out, this can then become a gift to others. True happiness is always a motivator and provides positive energy to others.

Building strong foundations

An elite matchmaker goes beyond superficial criteria, taking into consideration shared values, goals, and aspirations. They curate connections that are not only based on physical attraction but also on intellectual chemistry and emotional compatibility. A strong relationship provides the strong foundation one needs to excel in the face of both opportunity and adversity.

Everyone has a criteria, but compatibility determines longevity and the likelihood of the ultimate positive outcome – true happiness. Many, especially the ultra-successful see their criteria as the goal and do not focus enough on compatibility. This is where a matchmaker can be so useful – we can get to know the real person and identify critical areas of compatibility that complement and enhance each other. Elite matchmaking services address challenges by only providing personalised and curated connections. We look to help forge lasting relationships built on compatibility and a strong foundation.

To guide your journey

Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to matters of the heart. Think about what your needs are and what you have to give – look for diversity and inspiration. If you need a guide, or someone to help you navigate the journey, don’t hesitate to contact us, this the most important decision of your life. After all, why would you make that decision without an advisor any more than you would deal with a legal or accounting challenge? The world today is complicated. We could all use a guide or a roadmap – as hard as that may be for some. And don’t just settle on any guide. Kelleher International focuses on the challenges of successful men and women – if that is you, then please talk to us.

By choosing to go on this journey with a matchmaker, you open yourself up to a world of new possibilities. To the possibility of meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds who challenge your perspectives and expand your horizons. A diversity that will enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

Love has the power to transform lives. You should embrace the journey of finding a romantic partner who will be by your side to navigate our challenging times. Together, you will unlock new levels of happiness and fulfilment – a joy that will surpass all expectations. Now is the time to pursue your dreams; and a partner should make your life experiences not just better, but redefine what is possible.

So, if you are alone, then take the journey towards love. Do it now, the world needs you at your best and no one should face the world alone when they have the opportunity for something extraordinary. If you need help, reach out to me. We are all the same when it comes to love, connection, and companionship. It’s universal, it is necessary, and we need it now more than ever.

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