Welcome to the Falkland Islands

A silence that is only broken by the sounds of the wildlife, the oceans, and your own footsteps

The Falklands archipelago is 400 miles off the south-eastern tip of South America. It consists of over 740 islands, with two main islands, the East and West Falkland, surrounded by smaller islands, including seven islands that host many domestic and international tourists. These stunning outer islands are ideal for island hopping, allowing you to take in the variety of wildlife as well as experiencing FIGAS, the Falklands’ own internal domestic flight!

Falklands is teeming with wonders of nature and wildlife, an unpolluted environment, stunning white sand beaches, and plenty of open space for the perfect walking and hiking experiences. The islands in general are flat, but do not be fooled, though, as there are plenty of mountains to walk up, beaches to stroll along, and many of these locations are filled with history and wildlife!

The capital, Stanley, on East Falklands, is a perfect location to learn and understand different aspects of this small island’s heritage and also features some interesting buildings that make for some brilliant photographic opportunities. Make sure to stop by the Historic Dockyard Museum to understand Falklands’ rich history and its ties to mainland Britain, visit local restaurants to enjoy the Falklands cuisine, or take a tour with a local guide to experience the Falklands with a personal touch.

If you want to explore off the beaten track, head to the West Falklands, characterised by rugged hills and a spectacular coastline. The West is home to a variety of wildlife, great hill-walking opportunities and a chance to get away from it all. It has a scattered population across several settlements and farms, with the smaller settlements providing an enjoyable feeling of isolation and a break from the rigours of everyday life. Take time to explore the coastline on foot, watch the wildlife, do some fishing, climb one of the West’s many hills or simply relax and admire the dramatic views.

Imagine the silence from being so far off the beaten path that you only hear the call of birds and your footsteps. Explore the stunning surroundings of sandy white beaches, rocky outcrops, spectacular coastlines, and the perfect shelter for all the birds you can check off your checklist.

Whatever you enjoy, the Islands offers a chance to escape from the everyday stress and strains of life, simply relax and unwind. With over 220 species of birds and 5 species of penguins, the Falkland Islands is quite easily a birder’s paradise. It also makes for an ideal location for cruise ship visitors to stop and explore. Photographers, YouTubers, bloggers, TV crews and even Royalty have visited the Islands; now is your chance!

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