Welcome 2020 with Time Travel in Kotor

Your favorite summer destination has even more magic in winter, therefore spending holidays in Kotor is the most beautiful gift you can share with your family and friends. Take your loved ones to a holiday fairytale within the city walls where every building, street, and square is illuminated, and where every corner smells of mulled wine and Christmas cookies. This is the time of the year when you are driven by the desire to immerse yourself in those places you visualize when the routine becomes boring and dull. Once trapped in the modern world, you might be surprised to imagine how life looked like centuries ago when we were not yet slaves of technology, media, consumerism, and corporate style, but when people appreciated true virtues.

Every corner of this Mediterranean town still remembers the events and persons it has known – and, thanks to their accomplishments, these days we celebrate together in the squares, with many concerts, gastro events, and programs for children. The celebration runs from Christmas on the new, to the Orthodox Christmas on the old calendar. Visiting the attractions of Kotor will make you feel like going several centuries back, and the stories you will hear will urge you to think about bravery, piety, dignity, love, art, devotion, loyalty, nobility and all the challenges that existed for a woman and a man of that time. Indeed, there is no better place to step into the future than one that has preserved the best of the past


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