Waves of joy and relaxation

Whatever the yacht, wherever the destination, Sublime Yachts will plan your bespoke charter experience every step of the way 

With yachts to suit every taste and budget, Sublime Yachts create tailor-made yachting vacations like no-one else. Whether on a sailboat, motorboat, or catamaran, the ocean is your oyster. Head to the Med, expand your horizons in the Caribbean, or even enjoy a completely remote destination. The specialists at Sublime Yachts all have backgrounds as professional charter yacht crew and draw on inside knowledge to ask the right questions to identify the perfect yacht and location for your dream vacation. 

A yacht charter is an exclusive vacation that offers privacy, comfort, and freedom to explore islands and ports, always waking up with a different view. No other vacation comes close to offering anything like it! A yacht charter is more affordable than you think, and becomes even better value if you share costs with extended family or a group of friends. 

At the economy end of the spectrum, a bareboat yacht charter includes the boat and the basics, and allows you to command your own vessel. If you don’t meet the minimum qualifications or would rather not skipper the yacht yourself, you can hire an experienced captain, and even add a host or a cook to make your trip more relaxing. 

A crewed yacht charter comes part and parcel with a dedicated professional crew. They will be briefed on your preferences and are ready to meet your every need, so you can kick back and soak up the scenery. A chef will customise the cuisine to meet dietary needs and desires, making gourmet meals centre stage during your stay. This is the ultimate luxury getaway where no whim goes unfulfilled.

Active adventure 

If you’re seeking adventure or like to stay active, Sublime Yachts can personalise your charter experience. Watersports are a given, and even small yachts carry a range of water toys on board. They can arrange for experts to guide your activities or teach you new skills. For health and wellness, Sublime Yachts can arrange spa bookings, on-board massages, and yoga or pilates instructors. They also specialise in regatta charters, which provide a unique opportunity to participate in yacht racing around the world, either as spectators, or as hands-on members of the race crew.

A yacht charter holiday can be an intimate family affair, serve as a corporate retreat with colleagues or clients, or become a fun-filled getaway with a group of good friends. Sublime Yachts think of everything, and understand that it is the small touches that take a vacation from wonderful, to truly sublime. Θ 

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