Waterford Distillery, the leading producer of organic whisky, has today announced a new partnership with London-based B Corp certified menswear brand, LESTRANGE, to bring fresh flavour to its signature garments. 

As part of a limited collection and designed with the planet in mind, the bespoke capsule will include the LESTRANGE 24 Overshirt and the LESTRANGE Heavyweight 24 Trouser made from fully-traceable, regenerative cotton, to raise awareness of the importance of agriculture that benefits the soil and earth, and transparency in the respective industries.

Without compromising on style and luxury, the garments are created as an antidote to mass production and over-consumption.

Taking inspiration from Waterford Distillery’s unique terroir methodology, the clothing includes signature detailing to celebrate the complexity of flavour found in its whiskies. Custom colourways are inspired by the tones of organic barley, and are complemented by Waterford’s signature cobalt blue tones.

The two garments will be on sale to customers online and at LESTRANGE flagship biophilic-designed Coal Drops Yard store in London, and will include a 100ml sample of Waterford’s Organic: Gaia 1.1 from its Arcadian Farm Origin series. One per cent of sales proceeds will be given to the DIRT charity, an organisation dedicated to supporting regenerative agriculture across the UK.

Waterford Distillery’s commitment to regenerative agriculture is underscored by its position as the world’s largest producer of organic and biodynamic whiskies. The distillery works exclusively with Irish farmers to create the healthiest soil conditions possible, for growing the highest-quality barley. This is then turned into single malt whisky that boasts complex, natural flavours.  

Meanwhile, earlier this year, LESTRANGE moved its entire supply chain of its bestselling 24 Trouser, 24 Overshirt and other products to regenerative farming, partnering with the largest farms Scheffer in Brazil with the aim to move its full supply chain to regenerative farming by 2025. This achievement resulted in moving the rest of the supply chain under one supplier, ensuring complete transparency from garment manufacturing to fibre production.

Regenerative farming improves soil health, sequestering carbon, increasing biodiversity and reduces flooding amongst other benefits. It is the front line method of protecting the Earth’s topsoil, with 90 per cent at risk by 2050 according to the UN.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mark Newton, Head of Brand at Waterford Distillery, comments: “Waterford Distillery and LESTRANGE are kindred spirits. We are both visionaries that take regenerative farming seriously and understand its positive impacts. For us, it helps to create the most flavoursome whisky, and for LESTRANGE it contributes to a unique sense of style. 

“We are excited to bring a fresh take to LESTRANGEs bestselling signature items and highlight our shared focus on quality, innovation, provenance and traceability.”

Will Green & Tom Horne, Co-founders of LESTRANGE, add:

“When we first came across Waterford Distillery, we were captivated by their innovative and radically unique approach to distilling whisky. Both of our industries are opaque and we’ve come together in our shared values of pioneering transparent farming practices that benefit the soil and the planet. The capsule blends timeless style with inspiration from nature which is what we always strive for at LESTRANGE.”

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