Wake up to blended coffee

Great coffee isn’t just about single origins – it’s about a fusion of different coffees from around the world that create a match made in heaven

Blended coffee is one of the true specialities of the Coffee Mongers roastery in Hampshire, UK. The idea is that ‘blends’ are just as distinctive as single origins, because they are in fact a crafted combination of two or more single origins – which are then brought together to create complex taste sensations and a balanced, full body.

All of the coffee in Coffee Mongers’ signature blends are ‘specialty coffees’ and stand alone in their own right. Each is selected and roasted for its unique taste profile. Therefore, each blend made at the roastery is a delicately balanced match of profiles. Once a blend is created, the coffee is then sent to specialists who taste and grade the coffee. These scores go back to the roastery to be evaluated, and a blend might be refined even further. It can take up to six months to achieve just the right combination – a carefully thought out fusion that complements each coffee. The result is a blend that you can’t wait to wake up to.

The source of great coffee 

There are currently four different blends on offer at Coffee Mongers’ Lymington roastery: Liberatrix, a big chocolatey taste of Colombian coffees; Wild Pony, a warm and rich pairing of Sumatra and Java; Regina, a bright and nutty combination of two Brazils, and Hot Foot, an East African and Central American blend. These delicious blends shine a light on the distinctive characteristics and varieties of these world famous coffee growing regions. 

This season, beside its signature blends, Coffee Mongers is also featuring single origins from El Salvador, Java, and Ethiopia. The Coffee Mongers’ team search out farmers in high altitude regions where these excellent coffees are produced. They make it their goal to serve coffee that is unique and delicious, all the while contributing to a sustainable market.

Like all of Coffee Mongers specialty coffees they are roasted on bespoke medium roast profiles to ensure the flavour notes are highlighted. So, to taste the finest coffee, visit Coffee Mongers at their stylish roastery on the outskirts of the New Forest, or simply order online.

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