Unveiling Insights into Luxury Aviation and Premium Travel Experiences

Unveiling Insights into Luxury Aviaition and Premium Travel Experiences

The Luxury Report caught up with Qatar Executive to discuss more about luxury aviation

Please tell us about Qatar Executive?

Qatar Executive (QE), founded in 2009, has steadily grown to become one of the top brands in the private jet space serving private individuals, government bodies and corporations.

Qatar Executive’s mission is to be the epitome of luxury and service within the business jet “on- demand” charter industry.

With an impeccable safety record, and backed by the World’s Best Airline, we redefine the private jet experience. QE aims to exceed your every expectation by creating memorable tailor-made journeys where ever you may travel to. We are flexible, reliable and we value your safety, time and privacy.

Ultimately, our vision to be the world’s preferred provider of ultra-long-range chartered business jet services includes, arguably, the world’s most desirable business Jet. The Gulfstream G650ER, and shortly entering into service the larger, and all new state of the art, G700.

In line with Qatar Airways mission, to be synonymous with excellence, Qatar Airways and Qatar Executive both operate one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world.

What sets Qatar Executive apart from other jet charter services?

Qatar Executive specialises in ad hoc charter, which allows flexibility, and reduces overall financial commitment. In essence we work on a pay-as-you-go system requiring zero deposits or the obligation to fly a certain number of hours in a set time frame. Our passengers or clients plan, confirm and pay for their journey, fly in the ultimate luxury, and arrive directly at their desired location while at the same time bypassing heavy queues and long transits through the airport (in fact in many cases we can operate into and out of smaller airports and avoid using the larger airline orientated airports). It’s straightforward, private and fast. Booking a flight is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email to a customer service team, which operates 24/7. Once with QE the process is kept as efficient and easy as possible.

Along with this, Qatar Executive offers absolute financial and operational credibility, backed by the World’s Best Commercial Airline, and we conform to commercial airline safety regulations, and all of our crew are highly trained in piloting the aircraft to industry leading safety and security standards. Our cabin crew all have more than 10 years of flying experience in commercial and private aviation. They are warm, hospitable, attentive, and ready to provide you and your guests an exemplary service.

Qatar Executive truly redefines luxury, focusing on reliability & flexibility, safety, privacy, exclusivity and of course – the ultimate in service, ensuring an experience that is completely tailored to the passenger.

Qatar Executive has a reputation for excellence in luxury travel. To what do you attribute the success of Qatar Executive?

The success of Qatar Executive is ultimately down to our highly professional team of people who consistently strive to deliver and exceed our business and passenger expectations. Our ethos is centred around delivering a seamless and bespoke luxury service, with safety, reliability and flexibility at the heart of all that we do. Along with having the support, resource access and guidance from the award-winning Qatar Airways, Qatar Executive is able to offer a service like no other.

What are the most important things clients should know when booking?

Our team are available 24/7, and we can have you on-board usually within 72 hours at the latest. We specialise in long and ultra-long-range journeys, providing the ultimate in both luxury and service on board. Generally, we recommend booking well in advance to ensure availability, especially when booking on our G650ER’s (or G700 to come). Flying with QE will also offer greater flexibility than with commercial airlines. You can fly to a wide range of destinations, including more private and remote locations. However, it’s important to note that availability may depend on factors such as permits, airport opening times, runways length and so on.

How many jets do you have in the QE fleet?

Currently we have a total of 17 aircraft within the Qatar Executive Fleet. Made up of 15 Gulfstream G650ERs, and 2 Airbus VIP Corporate Jets. Qatar Executive operate one of the youngest and most modern fleets in the industry. As mentioned we are also expecting to take delivery of the Gulfstream G700, as the exclusive commercial launch customer, in the coming months.

Who is your target market? Where are they from generally, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere?

Qatar Executive is truly a world-wide operator capable of transporting the customer to all the four corners of the world. We offer true world class reach with maximum flexibility and a sense of occasion by travelling in our magnificent fleet of dedicated and modern Aircraft.

Further information – www.qatarexec.com.qa