Reflecting Hublot’s ambitions for design innovation, the Swiss watchmaker has welcomed globally renowned architect MA Yansong as a Friend of the Brand

MA Yansong’s architecture and Hublot’s watchmaking share a common vision: to transform their art into an interactive, 3D experience, fusing the natural and the human-made, creating advanced designs with an affinity for nature.

MA – the visionary Founder and Principal Partner of MAD Architects – redefines architecture with a focus on emotional and spiritual needs, blending humanity and nature. Born in Beijing in 1975, MA set up his own practice two years after achieving his Masters from Yale. He has spent 20 years gaining international acclaim for his imaginative and human-centric designs. His renowned projects, which include the Harbin Opera House in China and Absolute Towers in Canada, showcase a unique symbiosis of the natural and human-made.

MA, the first Chinese architect to win an overseas landmark project, sees architecture as a medium to reconnect people with nature, fostering respect and harmony. MA has garnered admiration through his masterfully crafted, spatiotemporal, sculptural forms disappearing into the city and landscape; forms that are driven by intuition, expression and emotion.

MA Yansong, Founder and Principal Partner of MAD Architects

A fusion of storytelling

“As Hublot welcomes MA Yansong as a Friend of the Brand, his fusion of storytelling, cultural exploration and architectural innovation aligns seamlessly with our commitment to a future which celebrates designs that are bold and imaginative, continuous and fluid, complex and three-dimensional,” said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. His mission to explore and contribute to the ideal future of living, along with his advanced designs conceived with an affinity for nature, echo the contribution we would like to bring through watchmaking.”

On being welcomed by Hublot, MA Yangson said: “Hublot and I share the conviction that architecture and watchmaking are not just about buildings or watches, but instead both involve massive relearning to become non- conformists. My first, unique and different approach to architecture is a methodical exploration of humanity, nature and creativity. In the way Hublot explores the wealth of natural materials, we share this belief in a symbiosis between the natural and human-made. We believe in design more responsive to human emotion, placing equal emphasis on technology and nature.”

In terms of what makes MA’s vision and work unique, there is also a strong connection to how MA and Hublot envision their contribution to the future of both architecture and watchmaking.

MA Yansong distinguishes himself through a unique sense of aesthetic appeal inspired by traditional Chinese elements and modern design principles. MA Yansong is celebrated for pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and shaping a distinctive narrative in the world of contemporary architecture. His architecture is characterised by organic, flowing forms featuring neutral skins, in perpetual continuation of the site and natural landscape, challenging conventional norms.

Ultimately, MA’s creations often evoke a sense of harmony with nature, integrating buildings into their surroundings and environment, and fostering a sense of unity.

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