Trubel White Truffle Creams and Pastes – Magical Ready to Use Luxury!

There’s magic which happens when you add luxurious white truffle to a dish, and when that magic is pretty much instant, what’s not to love?

TRUBEL of London, specialists in sourcing the finest black, white and honey truffles from across the world, has created the perfect artisanal range of four ready to use truffle creams and pastes.  All free of artificial flavours and additives, they are available individually in recyclable 50g jars and as a stunning gift box containing one of each.

The four different recipes bring a fabulous intensity of umami flavour and creamy richness to so many dishes and need no more effort or culinary expertise than spooning from the jar:

White Truffle and aged Parmesan cream

100% natural and handmade with a generous 8% Italian White Truffle (AKA Alba Truffle). The cream is blended with a rich 24-month aged Parmesan cheese.  At its very best with tagliatelle pasta.

White  Truffle and mashed potato paste

100% natural and handmade with a generous 13% Italian White Truffle (AKA Alba Truffle). We then blend in mashed potato and 24-month aged Parmesan cheese.  Fold into creamy scrambled eggs at the very end.

White Truffle, Ricotta & Tomato Pesto

100% natural and handmade with a generous 13% Italian White Truffle (AKA Alba Truffle). It is then blended with fresh Ricotta cheese and Pendolini tomato pesto. Fold into risotto for a taste explosion!

White Truffle & Spinach Paste

100% natural and handmade with a generous 13% Italian White Truffle (AKA Alba Truffle). We blend the spinach with 24-month aged Parmesan cheese.  Try it spread on crackers or toast for a luxurious light meal or snack.  The creams and pastes are priced at £23 – £27 each, and the gift box at £110.00.

TRUBEL’s truffle ingredients are hand-made in small batches of 600 using handpicked truffles and the finest ingredients, by a specialist producer in Marche in Central Italy. They are available from the Trubel online store for delivery throughout the UK  The company has received no less than 11 Great Taste Awards in the last 18 months.

Hassibo Ahmed of TRUBEL is a self-confessed truffle obsessive, who supplies truffles to some of the greatest chefs in the world, including one, two and three Michelin star chefs. He is meticulous about sustainable sourcing and the traceability and provenance of his truffles and has dedicated years to developing unique truffle recipes inspired by his travels.

He only works with small producers and truffle hunters and their dogs and is able to source exceptionally flavourful fresh truffles which are used in his truffle products, and ensures they are paid a fair price.