Travel trends 2020

Sprucing up your travel wish list? There’s no better time than the arrival of a new decade to do it.

From action-packed adventures to havens for rest and relaxation, Perfect Stays has put together its go-to list of 2020 travel trends to fill all travellers’ New Year wanderlust dreams.


While 2019 saw an increase in over-tourism, a new phenomenon is developing…

‘Under-tourism’ is growing and encourages travellers to take the path less travelled, rather than joining the flocks that takeover popular spots in search of that Insta-famous shot. Many ‘Instagram destinations’ now feel too much strain on infrastructure and supplies because they’re overrun with tourists. Take for example Santorini, which has capped cruise arrivals at 8,000 a day, to curb a flow of travellers, keen to share the island’s beautiful sights to their Instagram stories.

2020 will see more tourists travelling to destinations that aren’t as well-known and choosing to visit areas which welcome tourism and benefit from its economic boost. That said, make sure you do your research and check the Government’s travel advice before booking, to ensure it’s safe to go.

Transformative travel

Travellers want more than a simple visit to a new destination. In fact, over 50 percent of travellers value a travel experience, which is more than just memorable, but positively changes them on a personal level too.

According to Google Trends, online searches for wellness retreats are up 182 percent. From yoga and meditation to silent stays and ayurvedic practices, these trips use a variety of methods to enhance positive thinking and feelings by the end of your stay.

Volunteer tourism – or voluntourism – is also on the rise. Merging voluntary service with traditional tourist activities, it will continue to be one of the fastest growing tourism niche markets in 2020.

Bleisure trips

Destinations are now no longer just for work or play. With more than 30 percent of corporate roles requiring travel at least once a month, individuals are realising the beauty of trips that allow you to fuse business with pleasure.

Bleisure (business and leisure) offers opportunities for business travellers to reward themselves with a mini break at the beginning or end of a corporate trip. Best of all, combining work and play allows you to see other cities and countries more frequently without taking too much out of your annual leave. However, it’s important to ensure your company knows which days of a trip are booked annual leave and which are work-related, so there aren’t any misunderstandings later down the line.

Unscripted moments

Gone are the days when holiday-goers expect to be confined to a resort. Instead, today’s travellers now crave engagement with the people, cultures and landscapes of the countries and cities they visit. In 2020 we will see this rise with travellers focusing on the native surroundings and how to fully immerse themselves into the local culture.

Food will be a key feature of many trips, with people keen to try local delicacies and new foods. The use of local and independent tour operators will increase, which not only helps support the local economy but, offers an unparalleled experience with better local knowledge and more relevant, updated information.

You’ll also see an increase in the use of in-house concierge services, a direct way for individuals to experience their destination like a native.

Paw priority

In the UK alone, dog owners spend over £10 billion a year on their beloved pets, so it comes as no surprise dog-friendly holidays are continually on the rise. In recent years, there has been an increase in dog-friendly accommodation, restaurants and even festivals that are making it easier for paw-rents to include their furry friends in travel plans and avoid expensive kennel fees.

There is no doubt this trend isn’t going to slow down in 2020. When looking to include your pet in your holiday plans, ensure your accommodation is dog-friendly and there are plenty of activities that allow your four-legged friend to enjoy the holiday as much as you.