Travel That Protects A True Paradise

Experience the incredible beauty of the Maldives with Secret Paradise, leaving only footprints and a positive impact on the local communities behind.

The Maldives, with its powder-white beaches, azure waters, and overwater bungalows, has long been synonymous with luxury travel. However, there is a lesser-known aspect of this island paradise that promises not just opulence but also a profound connection with the environment and local communities. Enter Secret Paradise, a local tour company that has revolutionised the concept of travel in the Maldives.

Safeguarding the environment

Secret Paradise is an award-winning, responsible tour company based in the Maldives. In 2023 they were awarded silver at ICRT Responsible Tourism Awards in the category Best for Nature-Positive Tourism. In 2022 Wanderlust ranked the company in their Top 10 Sustainable Initiative Tour Operators.

These awards highlight that Secret Paradise Maldives is not merely a bystander – the company is dedicated to creating a tangible impact. The Secret Paradise commitment extends to investing in local communities, working with tourism stakeholders for a more sustainable future in the Maldives, supporting marine life conservation and safeguarding the environment, which ultimately is their home. These values are woven into the very fabric of the company’s culture and
guides its daily operations both behind the scenes and throughout every single tour on offer.

Secret Paradise create the tapestry through which their actions seamlessly intertwine to uphold a commitment to responsible tourism.

Connect with Maldivian culture

Travelling with Secret Paradise isn’t just about exploring the Maldives and enjoying the beautiful beaches and tropical waters. It’s about discovering authentic experiences and getting off-the-beaten-path to places that you would never have known were there. Secret Paradise’s local guides enable you to connect with Maldivian culture, local communities and the environment, going beyond the realms of a traditional Maldives holiday.

Secret Paradise believes that the foundation of responsible tourism is people, communication and education. In a destination where existence depends on the protection of a fragile environment, Secret Paradise believes it is their responsibility as a tour company to make travel more ethical, inclusive, and eco-friendly. Travelling with Secret Paradise means as a responsible traveller you support steps to improve the impact of travel on the destination.

At the heart of Secret Paradise’s allure lies their commitment to marine conservation. The Maldives’ fragile ecosystem is home to an array of endangered marine species, and Secret Paradise has formed partnerships with local NGOs and marine organisations to actively protect this treasure trove of biodiversity. On Secret Paradise tours, travellers have a unique opportunity to participate in conservation efforts, such as data collection and even swimming alongside magnificent whale sharks while taking underwater measurements. By joining these initiatives, visitors make a genuine difference, leaving behind a positive impact that will resonate long after they’ve returned home.

Secret Paradise’s journey is not just about engaging with the underwater world; it extends to connecting travellers with local island communities. Embracing authentic cultural experiences, such as cooking local cuisine, sharing meals with welcoming families, and participating in traditional festivities, allows travellers to grasp the essence of Maldivian life. Secret Paradise tours offer a glimpse into the island’s rich history and vibrant customs, fostering a sense of appreciation for the diverse tapestry of Maldivian culture.

Local partnerships

One of the best ways to make a positive contribution to your holiday destination is by booking with a company that puts something back into the local community. Secret Paradise does this in many ways, including partnering with guesthouses that are owned and managed by locals, and employing only local guides who have years of knowledge and expertise to share. It’s also a priority to promote tourism in line with Maldivian culture and beliefs, educating both guests and locals on the environment in order to guard against negative impacts to the islands’ fragile ecosystem.

By travelling with Secret Paradise, you will be actively supporting the local economy, ensuring that each journey contributes to the wellbeing of the communities visited. By choosing to dine at local restaurants and purchase souvenirs from artisans, you empower these small enterprises, preserving the islands’ traditional way of life and creating a positive ripple effect.

Flexible and varied

Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple, a family with children, or friends seeking a new adventure, guided Secret Paradise tours offer so much more than a regular beach holiday. It will immerse you in the culture and traditions of the Maldives, its amazing marine life, friendly local communities and provide you with a greater understanding of its precious environment.

Adding to this, Secret Paradise group tours provide great opportunities to meet and travel with like-minded people, all with the comfort and reassurance of a local guide. They are also flexible, so you can choose to travel on a private guided tour with one of their amazing local guides, or independently using their advice, maps, tips and recommendations.

With Secret Paradise, luxury doesn’t mean sumptuous accommodations and breathtaking landscapes, but an enriching and transformative experience. Every journey is thoughtfully crafted, striking the perfect balance between responsible tourism and memorable adventure.

If you yearn to explore the Maldives in a way that goes beyond the ordinary, consider exploring with Secret Paradise. Because to explore the Maldives with Secret Paradise is to go on a journey that truly makes a difference and leaves a positive impact.

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