Top 6 locations to visit over Christmas

Brace yourselves as winter is upon us. The night is dark, but definitely not ‘full of terrors’, it’s going to be big, bright and full of Christmas festivities!

Christmas markets will soon be set up all over the world putting up the most glorious display of lights, wooden chalets, glass baubles, mulled wine and warm sweaters. 

Wondering where to go? Check out our top 6 spots to visit over Christmas!   

The Spirit of Christmas – London, United Kingdom 

Nothing beats London when it comes to illuminated Christmas displays. Whether it is Carnaby’s neon sensation of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody or the Regent Street’s illuminated angels lining the streets. London sure knows how to put up a show with a magical display of lights, street musicians and festive charm. 

Whether it is the famous Oxford Street, Kew Gardens with promised one million lights or the Winter Wonderland that runs from November till January with a plethora of crazy rides and magical atmosphere. London definitely grabs the top spot on our list. 


Winter Wonders in Brussels, Belgium 

Brussels biggest Christmas market, Winter Wonders attracts 2.5 million visitors each year. It’s the time of the year when the city dolls up in its most festive attire with more than 200 chalets serving traditional Belgian waffles, hot chocolate, pretzels and a selection of amazing alcoholic delights. The festival is spread across the city with a huge Christmas tree, ice skating rink, ferris wheel and a whole constellation of dancing lights.  


Magic of Advent – Vienna, Austria 

Vienna’s Magic of Advent is one of the most traditional and famous Christmas markets worldwide. It transforms the city hall with hundreds of twinkling lights making it look like Cinderella’s ball gown.  From mid-November to December, Vienna’s town square is transformed into a magical wonderland with streets filled with aromas of fresh Christmas cakes and gingerbreads. Hundreds of stalls serving everything from boozy hot punches to famous Austrian sausages.  

Christmas decorations, huge carousels for kids, reindeers and a huge ice rink for skating. Vienna sure knows how to celebrate Christmas in its truest sense. 


Christmas Market in Prague, Czech Republic  

Discover Prague’s unforgettable fairytale experience over Christmas with friends, family and loved ones. Prague’s ‘Old Town’ has a medieval aura to it that makes it very popular among tourists compared to the bigger markets across Europe. At the centre you will find a huge Christmas tree draped with twinkly lights and bulbs. Rows of bright coloured wooden huts, multiple toy displays and shops decorated with lace, beads and glass baubles. A live stable with farm animals for kids to pet and multiple stalls displaying sugar coated treats, hot honey wine and BBQs to please your taste buds.  


Edinburgh’s Light Night, Scotland  

Scots are not only famous for their kilts, tartans and bagpipes. You must grace your eyes with Edinburgh’s Light Night festival that runs mid-November to end of December. Thousands of small lamps and light installations light up throughout the city with music playing in the background.  

If you’re someone like me who loves animals, head over to the zoo to see as many as 450 giant lanterns. Created by Chinese craftsmen, these lanterns take the shape of pandas, lions, penguins and more! 


Christmas lights in ColmarFrance 

Visiting France is always a good idea, and when it comes to Christmas? Even better. Traditional timber houses giving the glimpse of gingerbread, Colmar is a destination made right in Santa’s workshop. It’s one of the most romantic places in France for lovers, solo travellers and culture enthusiasts.  

Colmar’s Christmas lights are an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves to get enchanted by the mesmerising twinkle of lights. Town inhabitants also decorate their houses to add to the magic that this city has to offer. Head over to experience it yourself.  

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