The Tea Terrace

Your princess carriage awaits as you step into a seemingly mad hatter themed tea rooms.

As I enter this very bright and airy top floor tea rooms, the first thing I notice is the striking furniture. There is a sea of pastel blue and pink chesterfield style sofas and armchairs, it’s very charming and welcoming. The very tall back chairs call to be sat upon!

We’ve been booked in to enjoy our time here inside one of the Tea Terrace’s princess carriages. It’s a large gold metal carriage, with a small table and seating area inside. The roof and sides are draped with foliage full of greenery and white roses. The theme is very feminine, which is very fitting as I’ve bought my three daughters along today.

The Tea Terrace came about after the creators noticed a huge amount of coffee shops, yet very few tea rooms in a country with a massive love of tea. They wanted to bring tea rooms back into the forefront after the number of them declined after World War Two.

Tea rooms used to be very popular in the 1800’s, when it’s thought that the Duchess of Bedford is credited with the creation of afternoon tea to try and ward off hunger between lunch and dinner.

Back to the food. We order a traditional afternoon tea, which is served upon Royal Albert tea ware, which you can purchase here.

We have the three tiered cake stand, starting at the bottom is the typical triangle cut sandwiches with fillings such as salmon and cream cheese, tuna and cucumber, cheese and pickle, and cucumber and cream cheese. Secondly, on the middle tier are a selection of delicious cream cakes. Then lastly, the top tier is reserved for their famous buttery scones, all washed down with large pots of tea – very British!

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also one of the only tea rooms to have the ‘selficino’ machine! You take a selfie with your mobile phone, then send it via WhatsApp to the coffee machine, which then prints it on top of the froth on your cappuccino, selfie-tastic!!