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Expertise you can trust – The Hirslanden Group 

For over 25 years, Hirslanden maintains an outstanding reputation as one of the leading private healthcare providers worldwide and stands for first-class medical care and excellence. As the largest private hospital group in Switzerland, Hirslanden covers a broad variety of specialist disciplines and delivers the highest standards in medicine and care for patients offering the best possible individualised treatment, even in highly complex cases. This is achieved through the interdisciplinary medical centres of expertise and specialised institutes, which enables the Hirslanden Group to stand out from the rest of the market. 

Pregnancy & Birth – Hirslanden Baby 

Hirslanden is a competent partner with both expertise and experience along the continuum of care, delivering an honest and authentic approach to the topics of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

With knowledge and support, Hirslanden accompanies expectant parents, and those who want to start a family, on their journey to parenthood focusing on the individual needs of pregnant women and their partners. Childbirth is a deeply personal and intimate experience that is different for every individual and every couple – and for which there is no universal definition.  

Our experienced teams of midwives, nurses and doctors support you on your journey to parenthood and ensure that you and your baby feel secure and are well looked after. 

“At Hirslanden, you’ll experience a birth focused on your needs with holistic, family-centred and personalized care from a team of experienced midwives, nurses and doctors,” commented Martin Bandli, Head of Hirslanden International. 


For some, falling pregnant can only be achieved with medical support and at Hirslanden, we offer various treatments; from hormonal treatments, through conservation measures such as Social Egg Freezing and Sperm Preservation, to IVF treatment with ICSI and pre-implantation diagnostics. 

By seeing a fertility specialist, paths to successful fertility can be identified and a course of action can be suggested. Every couple is different, every situation is different – therefore the fertility treatment is tailored specifically to individual needs. 

Hirslanden has dedicated centres that specialise in helping couples conceive via an in-vitro fertilisation treatment and with twenty-two specialists at your service.   

The Hirslanden International Team is here to help you with your wish for children. Our case managers will help you get in contact with a specialist. You can contact the Hirslanden International team via the following contact form.

Important Considerations for an IVF treatment in Switzerland 

In order to be able to carry out IVF or ICSI treatment, the requirements are: 

  • Basic data exists (hormone examination of the woman, ultrasound, spermiogram) 
  • Age of the woman maximum between 43-44 years, age of the man maximum 63-65 years 
  • Negative HIV, hepatitis B/C, syphilis status of both partners 
  • Proven immunity to rubella and chickenpox 
  • Stable partnership (the couple does not have to be married) 
  • The selection of embryos by sex or external characteristics is prohibited by law in Switzerland. 

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