The spirit of the season

As it’s high time for summer spritzing, the team behind Pinkster Gin has launched Pinkster Spritz, a lower alcohol spirit drink in two flavours, Raspberry & Hibiscus and Elderflower & Raspberry. Made with gin-soaked raspberries left over from producing Pinkster, it is bottled at 24% ABV and is designed to be the ideal base for a light and refreshing spritz. 

Elderflower & Raspberry is crafted using foraged wild elderflower from the East Anglian hedgerows and Pinkster’s signature real raspberries. The Raspberry & Hibiscus expression is infused with exotic hibiscus flowers. 

With the spritz trend here to stay, Pinkster Spritz is a great new alternative offering for people wanting to be healthier when it comes to drinking. A 25ml Pinkster Spritz measure has no more than 40 calories, with just 4.8% vol and 0.6 units for the finished drink made with a zero-alcohol mixer. Or put another way, that’s a third less calories than your average glass of wine.

For a summer thirst quencher, Pinkster recommend serving with soda, particularly Fever-Tree’s Mexican Lime Soda, a fresh lime garnish and heaps of ice.

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