The spectacular Northern lights experience on your wrist

Artisans collaborate with GoS Watches to bring the Northern lights to earth

GoS, the Swedish independent watch brand, has unveiled the Norrsken collection, the Swedish term for Northern lights. If you have never personally experienced the Northern lights, it is hard to imagine that it can be of any other colour than green. However, the Northern lights can also be deep blue or pink under certain conditions.

This bespoke watch collection captures the appearance of swirling lights dancing across the northern skies to emulate this natural phenomenon. The watch draws upon the expertise of various artisans, and features a hand-cut guilloché dial with a micro-rotor movement. A handblown index ring, shaped from Swedish crystal, allows an extraordinary degree of luminescence to pass through its clear surface, flooding the dial with vivid bright coloured tones.

The Norrsken is available with a choice of case rings, dials and bezels. At the heart of the watch is the Calibre GoS03, featuring a premium finishing and a customised micro-rotor hand forged in Damascus steel. The micro-rotor is given the finishing treatment that was previously only available for GoS Damascus steel dials. The Calibre GoS03 is made by the movement specialist Schwarz Etienne and customised by GoS. It encompasses a premium finish, including hand-polished bevels and specific modifications requested by GoS, which include a dedicated escape wheel bridge. The ratchet wheel is adorned with the GoS triskele emblem. When the mainspring is fully wound, the watch will run autonomously for 86 hours.

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The Norrsken is housed in a 41.5 mm case and encompasses an array of materials. It is available with a Damascus steel dial, a material synonymous with GoS, or a hand guilloché dial. This latter option is produced in collaboration with the renowned guilloché specialist, Jochen Benzinger.

James Thompson and his company, Black Badger, also based in Sweden, provide an insert ring cast from solid Badgerite. This solid lume material, developed in collaboration with the Swiss firm, RC Tritec the makers of Super-LumiNova, is positioned behind the glass index ring. The clear glass ring refracts light into the case, creating a mesmerising bright coloured shimmer.

The Norrsken is fitted on a fine signature strap, handmade in Stockholm, of polished Salmon leather and with pin buckles produced by GoS in Damascus steel. Finally, the watch is presented in a handblown Swedish crystal presentation box, handcrafted by the Swedish master craftsman Mikael Kenlind of Vas Vitreum.

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