The Premium Experience Experts

Keith Prowse prides itself on being the UK’s No.1 hospitality provider, showcasing a vast portfolio of official appointments across the world’s leading tournaments, venues, and sports events

Whether you’re looking to host and entertain clients at the Guinness Six Nations, treat your friends and family to an epic day out at an England Test Match, watch one of your lifelong favourite artists live at BST Hyde Park, or even gift that special someone in your life a once in a lifetime experience at The Championships, Wimbledon – Keith Prowse has something to suit every budget, taste and need.

Keith Prowse is passionate about delivering the ultimate high-end experiences, guaranteed to turn any world-class sporting spectacle or cultural event into a cherished memory. And, as market leaders, the company stands by its promise to provide unforgettable memories, impeccable service and ensure that it is Always Official.

But what does “official” actually mean?

Official hospitality providers are contracted by the governing body, often referred to as the Rights Holder, e.g. The All England Lawn Tennis Club for Wimbledon, to design, market and sell world-class experiences on their behalf. In a changing world, it’s important for those committing to, and paying for events months in advance to know that their investment is secure. As an official provider, and one supported by its FTSE parent company, Compass UK & Ireland, Keith Prowse can provide reassurance.

Let’s rewind 200 years, back to 1830, a musical composer named Robert William Keith partnered up with a music publisher, William Prowse to form a theatre ticketing business originally named Keith, Prowse & Co. This pioneering company booked and held the best theatre seats for their clients, so that they had the best experience with the least hassle.

From the very beginning, Keith Prowse has been at the forefront of innovation. In 1911, the company opened the world’s first flight ticket booking office and, after a stint in music publishing, Keith Prowse branched out to focus on hospitality. Fast-forward to today, with many official appointments and hundreds of thousands of life-long memories made, the rest, as they say, is history!

Keith Prowse’s vision is, and always has been, to ensure that every experience is memorable and is, without exception, the best it can be. Remember the name, Keith Prowse, because it’s synonymous with experience, official and award-winning hospitality.

So, as you’re looking ahead to the remainder of year and the super-exciting line-up on the sporting calendar, check out how Keith Prowse can elevate your experience.

Further information – There’s a world-class roster of events in store for the rest of 2024. Find out more