The Perfect Stocking Filler That’s New For Christmas – Firelli Hot Sauce

Firelli Original Hot Sauce

Firelli is hand-crafted in Parma in Italy from natural ingredients and is medium spiced, not overwhelmingly hot, but rich, rounded and spicy to give a delicious kick to your food. The hot sauce has a Scoville unit rating, on the chilli pepper scale, of between 1,000 – 2,000. A few drops on your favourite foods such as pizza, pasta, eggs or salads will add a delicious rich and rounded spicy flavour.

Firelli RRP: From £2.50 for 148ml. Available from: Amazon, Ocado, Booths and

New for Christmas 2022: Firelli Extra Hot

Firelli Extra Hot Sauce brings a weighty kick of spice and heat, perfect for the experienced hot sauce fan. Cayenne Peppers are used in Firelli Extra Hot Sauce, which adds a very potent kick of heat and spice. Firelli Extra Hot is the perfect pairing for Spicy Hot Wings – but also adds a delicious spicy kick to grilled cheese, pizza, pasta, eggs and seafood. It has a 4375 Scoville Score.

Firelli Extra Hot Sauce RRP: £3.95 for 148ml. Available from: Amazon, Hot-Headz and

New for Christmas 2022: Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce

Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce, which offers the unmistakable glamour and aroma of truffle combined with a spicy kick that gives Firelli an incredible umami flavour. A small quantity of black truffle is added to Firelli hot sauce, a rarity and delicacy to bring complex and magical flavour. The earthy truffle and other fine ingredients give Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce a rich, warm, sweet, juicy heat.

Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce RRP: £5.99 for 148ml. Available from: Amazon and