The Most Biodiverse Place On Earth

Hidden deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon lies a world unlike any other, one that few people will ever have the opportunity to experience. The sights, sounds, tastes, and environments contained within – along with the ancestral cultures and traditional lifestyles of the native people that call the jungle home – exist nowhere else on the planet.

Only 2% of the entire Amazon is located inside Ecuador’s borders, but that relatively small, well-preserved area is counted among the most pristine and biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to Yasuní National Park, a natural reserve with such a vast array of animal and plant species that UNESCO declared it a World Biosphere Reserve in 1989. The park contains over 200 species of butterflies, 596 species of birds, 150 species of amphibians, 121 species of reptiles, and 200 species of mammals; researchers within the reserve constantly discover more. In fact, some naturalists claim that the level of biodiversity in the park is so high that every journey into the rainforest can result in the discovery of a species previously unknown to science!

As a result of this incredible biodiversity, Yasuní is a natural refuge for endemic species such as the pink river dolphin, the charapas turtle, and the manatees, which are threatened with extinction.

Immersing yourself in the unbelievable wildlife of the Amazon and the beauty of its natural surroundings is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, made possible only through Anakonda Amazon Cruises, the only cruise line operating within the Ecuadorian Amazon. Its Amazonian cruise vessels MV Anakonda and MV Manatee navigate into the furthest depths of Yasuní National Park, permitting you to explore the most biodiverse place on Earth in total luxury.

Guests will delight in navigating the Napo River, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon while enjoying the relaxed surroundings of the luxury-comfort Anakonda, or while leisurely exploring the primeval rainforest aboard the luxury-adventure Manatee, designed specifically to traverse the wilderness of the Napo River. From air-conditioned suites with open-air balconies and panoramic river views to top-deck hot tubs that allow guests to relax beneath incredible rainforest vistas, the luxurious amenities of the Anakonda and the Manatee allow guests to observe the boundless wildlife of the Amazon rainforest while enjoying the best of what Ecuador has to offer. Greet the morning from a private balcony, spend the day exploring the rainforest and partaking in local traditions, then sip at a cocktail while watching the sun go down over the lush green trees.

Unique activities and excursions provide guests with ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the environment and its people. Wake up every day in a different place and learn about exotic and unique animal and plant life from naturalist guides born and raised in the rainforest, and participate directly in the lifestyle and traditions of the indigenous communities that take care of this land. Enter a new gastronomic world filled with traditional Amazonian and Ecuadorian cuisine, prepared from the freshest of ingredients by skilled chefs, and learn how to prepare the same dishes at home. Dine while watching the Amazon slip by, and share a drink while soaking in a private whirlpool bath or in an outdoor hot tub underneath the stars.

Besides a large number of nature walks through countless different environments, guests have the opportunity to participate directly in efforts to conserve endemic wildlife by interacting with legendary and beautiful pink river dolphins within a protected area and helping to return a rare charapas turtle back into the wild. By participating in these experiences, guests contribute to a sustainable tourism scheme that involves more than 15 communities based around the Napo River. Anakonda Amazon Cruises makes it possible for guests to explore this truly unique South American environment in comfort, creating memories that few people ever get the chance to experience first-hand, while knowing that, by participating, they are supporting the conservation and the future of the area, its wildlife, and its people.

Pink River Dolphin Conservation Program

Feel the Amazon and live unparalleled experiences in an ecosystem unlike any other.