The Luxury Report releases its Spring 2021 edition

The first of the new year, the magazine explores the beautiful expanses of the Azores and the Seychelles as well as the best in luxury gifts

The Luxury Report’s Spring 2021 edition has been released. As the world ventures back to a slight sense of normality after Covid-19, the excitement surrounding the prospect of international travel is almost palpable. The Luxury Report has provided an insight into the incredible Azores. The islands are a verdant paradise, offering hikes through wonders of the natural world and some of the best whale watching opportunities in Europe. The in-depth article offers an insight into some of the best locations to check out when visiting.

Among explorations of the incredible real estate options available in Switzerland and a preview of the beautiful jewellery exhibition at Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, there is also a line-up of some of the finest alcohol and luxury gifts on the market at the moment. From Tequila cultivated in the sun-soaked Valles Centrales to a blended malt that explores Scotch whisky’s wilder side. Watches from The Abingdon Co and William Wood also feature.

The magazine is available in both a digital and hard copy subscription from the website.