The high life

From the heated-seats of a state-of-the-art gondola climbing towards the scenic skiing area of La Crusc, in the Alta Badia valley, Edward Mazzer, CEO of Edelweiss.Re, describes why he believes this area is so popular with visitors from all around the world.

“Well, this brand-new cable car for a start! It’s just one example of how we are constantly making improvements to better accommodate tourists. But we do it without sacrificing the identity and traditions of the region – we protect the Ladin culture, and people respect that.”

Mazzer’s words make more sense as we depart the futuristic gondola cabin – in front of us, dwarfed by a vast mountain is a picturesque 16th century church. Next to it, a small “rifugio”, a family-run mountain hut where we sit down to a delicious Ladin meal of barley soup and “canederli”.

“My family originally came from Conegliano and moved to the Alta Badia Valley, a quiet corner in the Dolomites, in the 1980s. I grew up with a passion for skiing and mountain biking, before the beauty of the local buildings, and the use of natural materials inspired me to become an architect. I studied in Venice and haven’t looked back. Living and working in this area is a dream – a dream I want to share with my clients.”

Edelweiss.Re are among northern Italy’s leading real estate companies and have a long and distinguished track record of helping people from all around the world purchase property in the Dolomites and beyond.


“We have our headquarters in the Dolomites, from where we offer exclusive, high quality property services across a range of disciplines. We take care of the entire process: from identifying the dream house, to any required development and design, right through to the completion of the purchase process. We are so successful because we care. By taking on board the client’s exact requirements we understand precisely what they are looking for in their ideal house. We are not happy, until they are happy.”

Edelweiss.Re combines a passion for finding the perfect property with architecture and design, specialising in three UNESCO-listed areas: the Conegliano-Prosecco hills, Venice, and Alta Badia. The company is currently busy presenting clients with their latest portfolio of properties in the Alta Badia valley, along with a series of new developments in San Cassiano, la Villa and Corvara – absolute gems of the Dolomites, one and all. Interested parties should visit the website below. Θ

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