The Dalmore Principal Collection Comes of Age with 21 Year Old 2022 Edition Highland Single Malt   

Maturation in Rare 30 Year Old Matusalem Oloroso Sherry Casks Realises True Potential in the Latest Masterpiece from the World’s Fastest Growing Luxury Scotch 

The Dalmore has committed to releasing over the next five years a permanent addition of 21 Year Old Highland Single Malts which represents a coming of age for the award-winning distillery and its whisky artistry team, and it will now become the pinnacle of its celebrated Principal Collection. The elegantly refined and legendary house style of expertly composed spirit has matured in exquisite 30 Year Old Matusalem oloroso sherry casks, unique to The Dalmore. Additional complexity and confidence shines through; thanks to the alchemy and artistry of nature and Master Distiller: The Dalmore 21 Year Old is a true feast for the senses – an embodiment of true potential and the making of a masterpiece.  

Fittingly, The Dalmore 21 Year Old emerges one year on from the iconic Master Distiller Richard Paterson receiving his OBE in recognition for his services to the Scotch whisky industry and as his mentee Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass comes to the fore at the Highlands distillery, having spent six years working together, immersed in understanding its exceptional DNA and Royal heritage.   

Celebrating 21 Years of Whisky Making Artistry 
The age of 21 is an important milestone and the release represents the perfect occasion to celebrate unforgettable moments. The annual release is also a wonderful opportunity for those turning 21 Years Old to celebrate and enjoy the journey that has gone before and to also look forward to a future of possibilities. Experienced and debutant admirers can now sip and savour the whisky and celebrate 21 years of whisky making artistry.  

Maturation in Rare 30 Year Old Matusalem Oloroso Sherry Casks 
The new offering typifies the inextricable affinity between The Dalmore and sherry. Rare 30 Year Old Matusalem oloroso sherry casks were hand-selected from The Dalmore’s good friends at González Byass, residing in Jerez, in Andalusia – a partnership which has flourished for over a century, united in a shared passion for beautifully refined liquid and the curation of exquisite casks in creating masterpieces that last a lifetime.   

A feast for the senses, The Dalmore 21 Year Old is a symphony of the signature Dalmore DNA of oranges, bitter chocolate and gentle spices, masterfully layered with Black Forest Fruits and sweet liquorice, walnuts and marzipan on the palate, gliding to a long and lingering finish of peaches, ginseng, pear tarte Tatin, and Sanguillo blood oranges.  

The Dalmore 21 Year Old emerges three years after its celebrated 18 Year Old to rest alongside the balance of the Principle Collection, also comprising The Dalmore 12 Year Old and 15 Year Old.  The new arrival coincides with the auspicious year of the regal and noble sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger, symbolising strength, bravery and the triumph of all that is good.  Gregg Glass, Master Whisky Maker at The Dalmore, says: ‘The age of 21 is when everything feels possible and we are very proud to share this special whisky to toast a new Lunar Year, to gift and enjoy with our father figures and to celebrate all those who are turning 21 in 2022.  

‘This very special release marks the channelling of potential over centuries: a toast to our forefather back in 1263 who – on saving the life of King Alexander III – Colin Fitzgerald of Clan Mackenzie was rewarded for his bravery by becoming the honoured recipient of the Royal stag, and which today proudly embellishes every bottle of The Dalmore; and to all those who have shaped the potential of our unique distillery over 180 years of pioneering craftsmanship – including my whisky artistry mentor Richard Paterson. 

‘The Mackenzie Clan Motto ‘Luceo Non Uro’ from our forefathers: I shine, not burn says it all for me. This is about the pursuit of excellence over 21 years, the journey to realise the potential within every drop of liquid we create and savouring every moment along the way,’ ends Glass. 

The Dalmore 21 Year Old, presented in a smart navy display case worthy of a masterpiece, The 2022 birth date is etched on each bottle and the release will launch in Asia in time to celebrate the Chinese lunar year of the Tiger, then became available in the finest retailers worldwide from mid-May, ahead of Father’s Day.  It has higher strength ABV of 43.8% to reveal its complexity. RSP: £575. The Dalmore 21 Year Old will be released via the luxury retail emporiums globally.  

The Dalmore 21 Year Old is available to buy from Harrods and the Whisky Exchange.

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