The Clinic at Holland Park is the first London clinic to offer brand new Moxi BBL Lasers – as championed by Kim Kardashian

The Clinic at Holland Park is a newly opened super-clinic, and the brainchild of leading Oculoplastic Surgeon, Mr Richard Scawn

The Clinic at Holland Park, opened earlier this year, has quickly established itself as West London’s premier one stop shop for cutting edge aesthetic and wellness treatments. Offering all the expertise of Harley Street, from the highest quality aesthetic surgery, to advanced injectables and skincare, wellness innovations, nutrition, hormones, and private healthcare, The Clinic features many of the UK’s leading practitioners under one roof. Founded by Tatler showcase leading oculoplastic surgeon, Mr Richard Scawn, the Clinic is also home to expert practitioner and Consultant Surgeon, Miss Jennifer Doyle.

The Clinic at Holland Park is the first clinic and currently the only space in London to offer the MOXI / BBL Hero (Broadband Light Phototherapy High Energy Rapid Output) – recently used and championed by Kim Kardsashian. It is the latest advancement in world-renowned laser therapy, performing better than ever before.

MOXI/ BBL HERO treatments are the fastest way to get rid of the visible signs of ageing on your face and body: neck, chest, hands, shoulders, arms, legs and more. This is a comfortable, low-to-no downtime ‘lunchtime’ procedure that can deal with all your red or brown pigmentary problems: age spots, redness, rosacea, or dull-looking skin, for example. MOXI/ BBL HERO treatments can improve the vitality of your skin anywhere on your body; and because MOXI/ BBL HERO is a multi-module platform, the aesthetician can treat multiple skin disorders with a single device, in a single treatment. So MOXI/BBL HERO not only produces results superior to other IPL systems, but requires fewer treatments too.

The Clinic at Holland Park is at the forefront of cutting edge technology in aesthetic procedures and using only the highest spectrum machines. They offer many other treatments and surgical procedures- all of which can be seen here

Mr Richard Scawn says, “We are extremely proud of the space we have built as well as the clients we have gained since opening. Offering complex surgeries in a safe space, overseen by top professionals. We like to think we are the new generation of clinic – going above and beyond to ensure our clients get the absolute best treatments available on the market”

Miss Jennifer Doyle says, “I’ve spent the past five years combining my experience in non-surgical as well as surgical experience to achieve the best outcomes for my patients and that is why I am so excited to be part of the stellar team at the clinic where we combine all non-surgical and surgical modalities to get the best results for my patients.

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