Think of Switzerland and many things probably come to mind, but coffee might not be one of them. Cuckoo clocks and chocolate, obviously. Precision watchestrains that run on time, the poise of Roger Federer and a quality of living that regularly ranks among the best in the world? Absolutely. A perfectly made espresso or frothy cappuccino? Perhaps not so much. But what if you could combine globally renowned Swiss craftsmanship with the coffee know-how of Switzerland’s French and Italian neighbours? That is precisely what JURA coffee has been doing in the Swiss village of Niederbuchsiten sinc1931. 

Today JURA is the only brand in the world to focus solely on premium automatic speciality coffee machines, with an ethos founded on the Swiss characteristics of innovation, precision, quality, reliability, sustainability and service. JURA coffee machines are developed by a dedicated team of 70 engineers, whose aim is to achieve the perfect coffeealways freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. Just as the best chefs use only the finest ingredients to craft their gastronomic creations, so too does JURA believe that only by using the most up-to-date technology can you hold the perfect cup of coffee in your hands. Take the new ENA 8 machine which, like JURA’s global ambassador Roger Federer, embodies the idea of the perfect serve. Thanks to its patented Pulse Extraction Processthe ENA 8 guarantees perfection every time.


Customise your coffee 

To achieve this, the water is precisely pulsed through the finely ground coffee at short intervals, allowing maximum flavour to be teased out of the fresh beans. The high tech doesn’t stop there. The ENA 8 also features the AromaG3 grinder, which allows you to select the fineness of the coffee powder according to personal taste. The finer the powder, the more intensthe flavour. 

For serious coffee connoisseurs, the ENA 8 offers a choice of 10 expertly made specialities, at the touch of a button. From classic espresso to long coffee creations such as a latte macchiato, you can craft coffee tailor-made to your preferences using either freshly ground coffee or whole beans.  

For simple operation, scroll through the colour screen to choose and customise your coffee. And to make things even simpler still, the JURA Coffee App allows you to operate the ENA via your smart phone or tabletfrom the comfort of your sofa, desk or bed. It’s like waking up to your own personal barista, except this one will remember how you like your coffee, day after day.   

The ENA 8 is a machine that has style as well as substance, thoughJURA’s refusal to compromise on the perfect cup of coffee is evident in every sculpted line of the ENA 8’s design, which is the perfect expression of form meeting function. It’s a beautiful object that will look at home in any style of kitchen for years to come.  

“Focusing on quality rather than quantity brings more fruitful results in both our lives and in our coffee cups –it’s also a simple way to live more sustainably. For me there’s nothing better than bringing people together over a delicious cup of coffee,” said Damion Templar, National Sales Manager at JURA UK & Ireland. 

You can see the ENA 8 for yourself at JURA’s flagship London store, where you’ll find the full range of Swiss-designed coffee machines and be able to speak to experts who can talk you through JURA’s technology, made in the land of cuckoo clocks, chocolate – and coffee 

Available in a choice of finishes, including Black, White, Red (£975) and Aluminum (£1,445), the ENA 8 can also be found through John Lewis and Harrods and in the UK, and ordered worldwide through the Jura website.

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