The Art of Rejuvenation

The luxurious Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdrój SPA Hotel is owned by Poland’s largest cosmetic brand and specialises in facial and body care. Here, a team of skilled therapists treat a range of skin conditions and imperfections using only the very best products and techniques.

Renowned as a gem among European health resorts, Krynica-Zdrój is situated in the south of Poland, less than 140 km east of Krakow. The region enjoys a unique microclimate, crystal-clear mountain air and pristine natural surroundings, all of which provide the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. Krynica-Zdrój’s appeal ranges from its picture-perfect landscapes and natural springs, to the Jan Kiepura opera music festival in summer and some of Poland’s best skiing facilities in winter. Many visit for the beauty of the surrounding area, others to experience the unique ambience of this health resort, which dates back to the 19th century.

Located close to the Jaworzyna Krynicka ski resort – a winter mecca for skiers – Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdrój SPA Hotel is perfect for those looking to slow their pace of life and benefit from the an extensive range of wellness treatments. Guests can relax in the beautifully furnished suites and enjoy stunning views of the mountains. The warm, welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff makes any stay truly special. The heart of the hotel is the Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute. The clinic’s therapy suites are furnished with state-of-the-art cosmetology equipment, where luxurious facial and body treatments, classic and oriental massage, hydrotherapies and rejuvenating holistic medicine procedures are just part of what’s on offer.

Many of these treatments provide immediate benefits. The most spectacular results can be achieved with
the innovative Revicore Hi-Tech System, which has been specially developed for Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes. The system features ten key technologies for active face and body care, including needle-free mesotherapy, radio frequency, biolaser, ultrasounds and microdermabrasion. Individually selected treatment programmes ensure comprehensive skincare and deliver instant results. The Revicore Hi-Tech System is used for treatments, including: non-invasive skin rejuvenation, reduction of the ageing processes, treatment of skin imperfections on the face, or to fight cellulite, excess fat deposits and the loss of skin elasticity.

Massages are high among the favourite treatments enjoyed by the hotel’s clientele. A relaxing massage
with hot basalt stones warms up the body and alleviates muscle tension. Similar results can be achieved with aromatherapy candles – a classic full body massage using scented (green tea or fig and brown sugar) candle wax. The conditioning properties of the wax make the body smoother, while the subtle aroma of warm essential oils brings relaxation. The wide range of treatments includes Ayurvedic, Thai, Balinese and other oriental massages. The application of warm fragrant oils bring incredible relief to a tired body and eases the stressed mind. Body a la carte – a body firming treatment based on a blend of chocolate, caramel and cherry aromas – is a great example of intense skin care meeting deep relaxation. The process involves warming the body in a cocoon of ingredients, which not only promotes the absorption of active ingredients, but also stimulates the removal of toxins and excess water. It also boosts fat-burning, leaving your body firmer and your skin velvety to the touch.

Professional cosmetic treatments combined with aromatherapy not only enhance beauty, but also have a deeply relaxing effect. So, if you like to be immersed in blissful tranquillity in glorious natural surroundings, the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotel in Krynica is the place to go.


About the Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotel Group

The Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotel Group consists of three exclusive hotels in Krynica-Zdrój (Małopolska), Polanica-Zdrój (in the Kłodzko Valley) and at Wzgórza Dylewskie (Western Masuria). Each has modern spa centres with pools, sauna and jacuzzi complexes, and offer an extensive array of facial and body treatments. Their remote locations ensure tranquil natural surroundings and provide the perfect conditions for achieving complete wellness. The resorts’ stylish and comfortable rooms and suites offer a luxurious ambience that inspires relaxation.

Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels have received over 60 industry awards, including the most treasured ones – those bestowed by guests. Earlier this year, the hotels won the Travellers’ Choice 2018 Award from TripAdvisor.


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