The app classic motoring has been waiting for

Developed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, My Classic Car Life is a unique online tool that documents the entire history of your beloved automobile

My Classic Car Life is an app specifically designed for classic car lovers who are concerned about preserving, securely storing and showcasing the history of their classic automobile, no matter the make, year or model. Founded in Switzerland by lifelong friends and car enthusiasts Edouard Mignon and Arnaud Barreira, My Classic Car Life is fully independent and privately owned. This Swiss company has developed a simple and highly secured app specific to the needs of every car collector. 

Following the acquisition of a very special Lamborghini Urraco, made famous by the TV show ‘Wheeler Dealers’, the duo was confronted with a dilemma common to all car lovers: the vehicle life history was well documented, yet it was spread over multiple USB keys, CDs, electronic and paper documents, raising the risk of losing this precious information over time. The idea of creating a platform to host the entire life story of the vehicle in one ultra-safe and secure location was born. 

Based in Switzerland and hosted on state-of-the-art ISO27001-certified servers, your information is private and highly secure. Moreover, Swiss legislation is one of the strictest in the world regarding confidentiality. In all, My Classic Car Life is a true digital Swiss vault for all documents pertaining to your classic automobile, including images, videos, legal documents, PDFs, and much more.

My Classic Car Life was developed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. With this app, downloadable from the AppStore, the life story of your classic car is always at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world. 

My Classic Car Life currently offers three memberships levels on two apps (MCCLITE and MCCLIFE) and can be test-driven for free. 

l Lite – Free membership on the MCCLITE app allowing you to store your classic car info with up to 7500 documents.

l Silver – €100 a year membership on the MCCLIFE app allowing up to five vehicles, 1500 documents per car and free access to the app evolutions.

l Gold – €500 for a lifetime membership on the MCCLIFE app. This is the pro version with unlimited vehicles, up to 7500 documents per car and free access to the app evolutions. Gold Members also have an influence on the future functions of the app. 

All three memberships require a monthly hosting fee of only €6 per car. Thanks to this app, every document, picture and detail that contributes to the value of your historic car is safely stored. And in the event of a sale, you have full control of the information you wish to transfer to the new owner. 

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