Tailored tours all across Europe

Scottish-based Rabbie’s is well-known for showcasing the beauty of the UK and Ireland, and is now looking forward to provide the same local knowledge throughout Europe with a new range of bespoke tours

While the scheduled tour programme offers space with a maximum of 16 passengers, the tour operator can cater for any group size – from 2 to 200 – with its private itineraries. A private tour becomes a viable and affordable option surprisingly fast – so, gather up the family or your bubble of friends.

A tour personally tailored for each guest’s interests offers a unique blend of well-known highlights and hidden gems away from the hustle and bustle. Visit Spain, Portugal, Switzerland or Italy – or any other destination in Europe – and savour the excellent food and drink and take in the fabulous views with an expert-led private tour. Let the Rabbie’s team work its magic to create the perfect itinerary for you. From staying in a castle, to tasting local food in a little trattoria, staying in the heart of a historical city, or strolling on a deserted beach – Rabbie’s has your dream trip covered. So, grab your passport and discover the best Europe has to offer. Rabbie’s runs all its tours with excellent green credentials.

For inspiration, here is an example of one of Rabbie’s private tour itineraries:

Indulge in history and charm on the Iberian Peninsula

On a tour of the Iberian Peninsula, soak up the beauty and tradition of ancient Europe, explore the cities of Salamanca and Porto or the vistas of Las Médulas and Costa de Morte. After a long day of walking down the Portuguese white-washed cobbled streets of Óbidos, indulge in a drink of Ginjinha d’Óbidos – a sweet liqueur served in a chocolate cup. Likewise, once you reach Cape Finisterre, sample the local seafood as you look out at the furthermost edge of ancient Europe.

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