Snorkel with the Orca in Northern Norway

The team at are proud to announce the chance for visitors planning a trip to Lofoten in Northern Norway to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure under the waves to snorkel with Orca.

Recognised by leading travel journalists as “one of the coolest travel activities”, the snorkelling with Orca experience costs just £215 per person, and can be combined with a range of other Arctic activities from Northern Lights to snowmobiling – all of which can be assessed for live availability and booked through

“The Arctic has so many incredible experiences, but this one stands out as something really special,” says Mark Hayward, co-founder of “Where previously specialist activities like this have been difficult to find and book, we have done all of the legwork so that people can choose from the widest range of Arctic activities online.”

The adventure starts at Sørkjosen, located in the Lofoten region of Northern Norway. From here guests will have a talk with expert guides about the marine animals that you’ll be on the lookout for, as well as running through all of the safety instructions and getting kitted up for the adventure ahead.

With specialist equipment including under suit and dry suit to keep you warm, you are ready to embark on your adventure. About the experience, the guides behind the activity said that to be in the water with the orcas is a powerful experience and an unforgettable meeting with nature. When you put your head under water you will first feel the silence, and then suddenly start hearing the whales communicating with each other.

The region is perfect for Orca species where local waters drop more than 3000 feet off a continental shelf, and an abundance of migrating herring from late October to mid-January attract orca to the region.

Orca can grow up to 7 metres in length and weigh up to 4-5 tons making this experience a true adventure. Safety is key with briefings on how to interact with the Orca and other whale species, something that has been developed over the last 20 years on this spectacular activity.

“The region is really opening up for independent travel and for those wanting a true bucket list experience, you need look no further,” adds Mark Hayward from Visit Lapland. “This is a chance to join Orca in their natural environment and take on one of the ‘coolest’ travel experiences around.”

Snorkelling with Orca is available throughout November and December and can be booked here.