Shake it up!

This National Margarita Day (Monday 22nd February 2021), Maestro DOBEL® tequila is bringing a slice of Mexico to our shores

We’re delighted to share two, new recipes created by Maestro DOBEL’s tequila expert Oli Pergl. These contemporary twists on this classic cocktail represent the perfect opportunity to practice ‘locktail’-making skills to celebrate the occasion at home.

As pioneers in their field, Maestro DOBEL are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and are the creators of two world firsts: the first Cristalino, multi-aged tequila in Diamante (RRP £48) and the first smoked silver tequila, Humito® (RRP £48). DOBEL Diamante is the best-selling ultra-premium tequila in Mexico and – of course – no one knows tequila better than the spirit’s homeland!

The origins of the Margarita are mysterious: some say it was invented in Mexico while others claim it’s a Texan tradition. Regardless of its history, you will be set for National Margarita Day with Maestro DOBEL, the following recipes and four top tips from its expert Oli Pergl’s!

  1. Buy Fresh

Like any recipe, the final product is nothing without good-quality ingredients. Use fresh ingredients wherever possible and avoid using shortcuts like concentrated citrus juices or pre-made flavoured syrups – you’ll really notice the difference!

  1. Prepare Your Glassware

Choose your glasses based on the type of cocktail you’re wanting to make. For a stronger, shorter cocktail, stemmed glasses such as a Martini or Coupette are perfect for a classic Margarita. However, if you want your drink to stay colder for longer, a Rocks glass leaves more space for ice. Remember to chill your glasses in advance in the fridge or freezer for a couple of hours for the perfect final serve.

  1. Shake it up!

Shaking your cocktail is an all-important step which will combine, dilute and aerate your drink to make sure it hits the mark on temperature, mouth-feel and taste. Have extra ice to hand as you don’t want to use the same ice for several cocktails. If you don’t have a shaker, a jam jar or blender cup can work just as well – just ensure it is air-tight and there’s plenty of room to shake! Remember not to over-shake your Margarita either – up to 10 seconds will suffice.

  1. The Salt Rim

The iconic salted-rim on a classic Margarita can be spotted from a mile away and is easy to re-create at home. Simply rub a halved lemon or lime around the outside rim of your glass and dip it gently into a saucer of sea salt flakes, tapping off the excess. Maldon is my preference but there are a variety of flavoured salts available to try – don’t be tempted to use table salt as this will add an unpleasant granular feel in the mouth.

Delightful pear-ing


50ml Maestro DOBEL Diamante

2 cloves

1 whole Williams Pear

½ Pink Lady apple

¾ fresh lemon

1 tspn agave nectar

Coupette glass

Pestle and mortar

Cocktail shaker

Method: Add the cloves into the mortar. Quarter and dice the pear and apple before smashing them together with the cloves. Add the lemon and agave nectar. Pour contents into a cocktail shaker with ice and add tequila. Shake hard and fine-strain into a coupette and garnish. Garnish: Apple fan and expressed lemon oils.

Maestro DOBEL Diamante is a crystal clear, complex, and elegant tequila, formulated using a blend of Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado tequilas which are carefully aged in Eastern European white oak barrels. The sweetness of the finest blue Weber agave works in harmony with the sophisticated sensual aromas and intense flavours that have been imparted by the wood during the maturation process, while all traces of colour are gently removed using a unique carbon filtration process. This results in a crystal clear, indescribably silky and smooth tequila, with a long finish that leaves you wanting more.



1 Ice Block

50ml Maestro DOBEL Humito®

1 x strawberry

2 x blackberries

5 mint leaves

1 whole lime

½ tsp pink peppercorns

1 tsp pomegranate molasses 

1 tsp agave nectar

Method: Crush pink peppercorns in base of the mortar, followed by juicing the berries and the whole lime. Gently press mint leaves into the mixture before adding the agave nectar and pomegranate molasses. Pour contents into your cocktail shaker, add the tequila and fill with ice. Shake hard before fine-straining into rocks glass over the ice block and garnish. Garnish: Pomegranate pods and sprig of mint.

Maestro DOBEL Humito® (RRP £48), is inspired by artisanal, 17th century production techniques to create a unique and exciting spirit for the discerning and curious. While smoky mezcal is currently enjoying fashionable status, Humito elevates these craft traditions to another level, culminating in a sensuously smooth and evocative explosion of flavour. The master distillers incorporate aromatic mesquite wood during the cooking of the agave, which imparts extraordinary balanced and elegant smoky notes.

Maestro DOBEL is available from Harvey Nichols and online via drinks specialist sites, including  The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt.

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