Set sail on an Aegean adventure

If you dream of discovering remote Greek coves, off-grid hiking trails and traditional tavernas, then Meridian Adventure SAIL has just the trip for you

Meridian Adventure SAIL specialises in immersive, curated sailing itineraries exploring the Aegean Sea’s beautiful and diverse network of Greek islands. Enjoy the best of two worlds by catamaran, setting sail across the deep blue waters from Turkey and venturing across to Greece, gliding between cultures and countries. Savour the seclusion and hidden wonders of the lesser-known, sun-drenched islands near Samoson the Undiscovered Aegean journey, or the buzz of the celebrity-kissed, iconic archipelago of islands near Santorini on the Iconic Aegean journey.

Each journey is carefully curated to maximise the guest experience on board the sleek 62ft Meridian catamarans, whilst offering the utmost privacy and comfort. Single vessel journeys whisk small families or couples on romantic sailings to secret coves and sparkling bays, while two vessel adventures allow groups of friends to explore all the Aegean Sea has to offer.

Forest hikes and hidden waterfalls

There are currently two sample itineraries that include some of the most loved and lesser-visited Greek islands. Immerse yourself in the Iconic Aegean with a stop at Kalymnos, with its clear-waters and traditional architecture. Explore the famed culture of Mykonos, or discover the moon-like granite formations and small fishing villages of Paros. Finally, seize the chance to swim through the underwater caves of Antiparos.

Alternatively, on the Undiscovered Aegean venture to the lesser-visited Samos-the birthplace of Pythagoras and home to forest hikes and hidden waterfalls.

The large catamarans allow you to explore this Greek playground in total comfort, with itineraries that can be as relaxed or as high-octane as desired, from sunbathing on deck, through to mountain hikes and free-diving in the famed azure waters. Additionally, the vessels are kitted out with high-end water-sports equipment, including flite boards and seabobs. The clearwater and underwater caves are ideal for snorkelling, spotting octopus, seahorse, or perhaps even the rare Mediterranean monk seal. At each stop on the itinerary, discover secluded white coves, hike rugged coastal trails, and wander the cobbled villages. Relax and unwind while indulging in the freshest seafood, succulent olives, and fragrant local cuisine.

Sustainability is at the heart of every journey. As per Meridian Adventure SAILs ethos, leaving a limited footprint is critical to each voyage. Operating under sail-power wherever possible, low emissions allow for minimal-impact navigation. The expert crew ensures every need is taken care of with an impeccable standard of service. Meridian Adventure SAIL is one of the most exclusive adventure groups and is at the forefront of sailing experiences, also operating in the region of RajaAmpat, Indonesia.

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