Series Elite changes gears

In 2019 Series Elite launched their racing series, which gave high-net-worth individuals the chance to experience the thrills of hurtling around some of the UK’s most demanding circuits.

Drivers got behind the wheel of the superb Jaguar XE Project 8, which is perfect for novice drivers with its amazing powertrain, pumping out 600 BHP from the fabulous sounding V8 supercharged engine – it’s all-wheel drive too.

This year Series Elite has entered four cars in The GT Cup – an established part of the UK motorsport scene that has become the championship of choice for male and female drivers. The race weekend offers a whole lot of track time: on both Saturday and Sunday there is a 15 minute warm up, a 15 minute qualifying session followed by a 25 minute sprint race and a 50 minute pit stop race.

The hospitality from GT Cup is superb, and from the team’s own race centre they offer a friendly atmosphere and invaluable opportunities such as pit-lane and garage access, course car experience… you can even wave the chequered flag at the finish!

A prestige partnership

This year, – one of the longest established Formula 1 websites – will expand to incorporate much more than news about the F1 circuit. In addition to promoting the Grand Prix calendar, the site will promote a range of motorsport events, including the Series Elite experience and even ice driving in Sweden.

CEO of Series Elite Graeme Glew and owner of said of the website expansion: “In 1996 my brother in law had been working for BMW and was responsible for setting up the UK website, shortly after he set up his own web development company and I was one of his first customers. To be honest at the time I didn’t think websites would catch on… how wrong I was! Most of the visitors to find us from our unique domain address and we easily achieve 30,000 hits a month and we expect this to quadruple now the new site is active.”

Since 1996, has been a sponsorship and hospitality portal for fans, as well as a news resource for the world of F1. Now it will cater for all motorsport enthusiasts as well as providing all the latest from the F1 scene. A small, dedicated team run the site and it now includes a new online shop and a social media platform. 

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