Seasonal Special Excursion fare launched to St Helena Island

From January 14th travellers can take advantage of Airlink’s new special excursion fares on its weekly flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to St Helena. The fares start from £553 and is applicable to a 10-day minimum stay, returning by 25th February 2020. The offer will be available from 14th January 2020 until 25th February 2020. This special seasonal fare grants travellers the flexibility to depart from Cape Town and return to Johannesburg or vice versa. The subtropical island is a haven for walkers with 21 post box walks designed by the St Helena Nature Conservation Group along the coastline and interior.

For historian enthusiasts, the island is soaked in a rich history, allowing travellers to get an insight into its role in fighting the slave trade, acting as a Boer prisoner of war site and holds key sites associated to Napoleon, including his tomb.

Visitors to this British Oversees Territory remote destination can expect to enjoy the hospitality of the Saints (local Saint Helenians) and spot humpback whales arrive between July and December. Those who visit during August might glimpse humpback whales with their calves as they migrate through island’s waters every year.

For any divers visiting the island, they can be kept busy with eight shipwrecks around St Helena with many of the dive sites scattered with articles of marine archaeological interest such as cannons and anchors. Travel between Cape Town to Johannesburg is not included in this fare offer.

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