The Rooftop Film Club: this summer’s hotspot for Londoners

If you enjoy a drink outside, but also love cinema, then this is a place you should try.
The rooftop film club is based in central Peckham on Rye Lane on the roof of the Bussey Buildings showing cult cinema classics.

A former arms manufacturing works and cricket bat factory, the Bussey Buildings was saved by the group ‘Peckham Vision’ from demolition in 2009.

After climbing the numerous stairs I arrive on the top floor. Albeit slightly out of breath, but wow, was it worth it!
To my left is the bar, with its tropical pink decor, complete with tropical plants and wooded floor. It’s very spacious and there’s plenty of tables and chairs.

They have a large bar serving speciality themed cocktails based on the film that’s showing on any particular night.
As the film I’m booked in to see is 80’s classic ‘Big’ the cocktail of choice is called the Zoltar! It’s ingredients are rum, cloudy apple, fresh lime and ginger beer.

I’m fed with delicious burgers from permanent fixture ‘Rockadollar Dogs’
They sell hotdogs, regular burgers and a vegetarian option of sweetcorn fritter burger, all served with freshly made mouthwatering salsas.

As the sun goes down on this evenings sunny day, the spectacular sunset over London really shines.
The twinkly lights come on and set the scene for tonight’s film screening.

I’m led through to the other side of the rooftop where the giant outdoor screen awaits. There are rows of comfy deck chair style seating, where I get cosy with our blankets and snacks we got from the fabulously vintage style popcorn counter.

I put on my earphones, sit back and enjoy my outdoor cinematic experience.

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